Modesty- Party of One (Obviously)


This is going to be a two-part blog about modesty. This weighs on me constantly and if I had a ‘platform’ to stand on as a beauty pageant contestant, this would be it. I haven’t quite figured out how to get this into paragraph form so we’ll be using bullet points for this particular party.


  • I am not a thin person. My entire life Madre and Nannykins have been telling me to cover up my fat. I don’t fault them for it, I thank them for it. I never have rolls hanging over my pants just waiting to peek out under my shirt and that is something I am proud of. I haven’t owned a two piece bathing suit. In fact, I wear a sports bra under my suit to make sure the girls are well-covered/supported. I never have my crack hanging out of my jeans, nothing is cut low enough that you can see my bra, and I don’t own shorts that are closer to my crotch than my knee. I cover what should be covered but why doesn’t everyone else? Why did I get good guidance but not my peers? I believe the answer is obviously parents and they’re going to get a piece of my mind in Part Two of Modesty 101, don’t worry.
  • In school shorts had to be 6″ from the knee or you were sent home. Did that suck for long-legged girls who had to find longer shorts? Sure. Does that mean I want to see all their bare leg because life isn’t fair? No. Life dealt you long legs, suck it up and buy some appropriate shorts. If a school board felt that hoochie shorts were a distraction, they probably had a reason to. Someone walking around school dressed inappropriately IS a distraction. It distracts the opposite sex, the teachers, the administrators having to deal with this preventable situation. Teachers have much better things to do than be a clothing monitor and you should have more respect in your own education than to miss class over spaghetti straps.
  • I have been taught that my body is a temple, don’t dress provocative, dancing dirty gets you pregnant and all the other church-y things that come up in my Sunday school. As much as I hate to admit it, some of those things in church were true. I may have thought it was crap back in the day but now at just a few (or 11) years out of teenagerhood I realize how right my teacher may have been. I still don’t believe dancing is wrong but doing it half-naked sure is. Quit mimicking sex on the dance floor! I do not need to see your motion of the ocean while I’m getting my groove on at Cousin Sally’s wedding. Save that R Kelly stuff for the bedroom… after you’re married.
  • It is not okay to dress this way if you are thin. This is double standard #1. The website has devoted at least 30% of their photos to overweight people baring more skin than society thinks they should. However, there are not pics of the thin people showing the same amount of skin in the exact same store. Just because the fat people have rolls doesn’t mean I want to see the thin people uncovered. I don’t want to see the upper thigh of anyone, even myself! 
  • I don’t really understand the joy in walking around in underwear. If you aren’t comfortable prancing around the mall in your bra and panties, why are you walking around the crowded beach in the same amount of coverage? Just because it is called a bathing suit does not make it acceptable. Further, if you DO want to walk around in the mall naked, start over and read through this again. I’m not impressed, just depressed by your lack of modesty.



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