Miley girl, you need a smack.



Well this is completely unrelated to anything I’ve ever posted but I just saw yet another article about Miley Cyrus making an embarrassment of herself. I read the comments and people are either angry at her or think she is the hottest thing ever. I’ll tell you what she is, the hottest MESS ever. She is a hot mess and someone needs to smack her in the face like one of those Designing Women episodes when someone was getting out of hand. Honey, let Julia Sugarbaker get ahold of you for a half hour and maybe you will turn back into that fully-clothed young lady we all loved (or tolerated).


What happened to this girl?!

You say you needed to grow up and I get it, I really do. Everyone needs to spread their wings a little. Maybe get that tattoo or buzz-cut you’ve always wanted. However, I grew up myself so I can say from experience I managed to keep my clothes on and my tongue in my mouth while doing it. Further, I am not alone in this. Millions of other people grew up to be perfectly clothed individuals who don’t use recreational drugs or twerk on strangers.

You are on a downward path and I have nothing but sadness for you. Not one person seems to be sitting you down and telling you what you need to hear. You look, act, and sound like an uneducated hooker. You are much more than that so why not let people see you in that light. I really think you are so afraid of losing your fame that you’re sacrificing yourself to keep it. You’d rather be a bald, dirty dancer who is still making Yahoo! stories than move on to the next phase of your life. You can make music without being nasty. You can act without being naked. You could even get a college degree and get a real job without getting high. No one would fault you for it! In fact, parents would much rather you be that kind of role model than what you’re being. I don’t have kids yet but you better believe I’ll be the ‘mean mom’ who will do my best to make sure they don’t even know who you are as long as you’re acting like this.

Maybe its the skinny jeans cutting off my circulation today or maybe its just being fed up but I’m on a warpath! I’ll stop this blog now but this is not the last you’ve heard about modesty.


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  1. Oh yes, I should make an addition:

    Dear Justin Bieber,

    Please pull up or take off that custom-made red leather diaper with attached leggings. Oh you think those are pants? Thats adorable. They’re not.

    The Entire World

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