No News Is… Well… No News.


No news from Staffing. No word from our worker. No contact at all.

To be honest, I checked out of the process completely and am living back in my previous life. I decided to purposefully forget we are even adopting to be honest. We went ahead and decorated for Christmas last week because we no longer wonder if there will be kids wanting to help. We are buying selfish and extravagant gifts instead of stocking up on practical parent supplies. If you stop getting your hopes up, then you can’t get let down, right? Plus, you can ask for pricey electronics for Christmas!  

My passion for adoption is still very strong, don’t get me wrong. I’m just taking a break from the worry and drama of this step. I am having trouble reading other’s blogs, seeing their pictures and hearing about the relationship they have with their worker because it just adds insult to injury. We don’t need that. I promise we will tell you if anything changes but at this point, it seems to be that we will just go on through our holidays as usual and try not to feel guilty about that flat screen television I asked Santa for. 


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