Husbando Guest Blog – Part 2


It’s Husbando again! 

I’m excited to bring another installment of my Guest Blog.  Last week, I introduced Focus on the Family and’s downloadable pamphlet that talks about what the family, friends, and church can do for adoptive families and they can do for our future family.  I introduced the anagram WRAP and this week, I’m discussing the W. 

This W asks that you to Wrestle in Prayer.  One of most important thing you can do for us is spend time in prayer for our family.  “The bible says the Enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  For our children, the Enemy stole their childhoods, killed their dreams and destroyed their futures.  But the Good News is that Christ has come so that these children may have life and have it to the full.”  What a powerful message in John 10:10.  For us, we are the tool that Christ is going to use to give these children life and to live it to the fullest.  WOW, is that not a lot to bear.  That is why we need your prayers. 

Now you may be asking yourself, what do you want me to pray for?

  • Strength for everyone involved
  • Grace and mercy
  • God’s truth to be revealed to us
  • Spiritual eyes to see the truth behind their struggle
  • Ears attuned to God, who will walk with them through their trials

 The final thing I’ll mention about the W is that please do not only pray for my family.  Pray for the kids who aren’t adopted yet.  Pray for the kids that have aged out of adoption.  Pray for the kids who are being hidden by abuse and neglect.  Pray that God reaches them and that they know He loves them and that they are not alone in this.


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