I’m calm. No, I’m good. I SAID I’M CALM!


Last time I wrote about the adoption I was a little frustrated and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t put my negativity out there on you. Probably I was just mad at the world for not giving me what I want when I want it but that is a character flaw dating back to about… birth so don’t worry, its normal.  I was frustrated because of the lack of communication and I just thought I was frustrated then. Now I’ve been ignored for fifteen more days and to be honest, I think know I’m being divinely tested. This girl knows not to pray for patience so someone must have done it for me. QUIT THAT Y’ALL! Everyone knows if you pray for patience, you get tested! If you are praying for me, pray for me to find money or something : )

The last correspondence I had from our worker was a lengthy email addressing my very candid feelings of being ignored due to her new job. Not that I was blaming her, just that we wanted to know who our new worker (or at least contact) would be.  We want to make sure we don’t get forgotten or misplaced. The last paragraph of her email went like this:

“I am sorry to hear that you feel that you have been sitting stagnant for the last month and that you are worried about falling through the cracks. I assure you we are here to assist you. I apologize for the delays in providing information to you both and will meet your needs in a more convenient method. At this time, is there any other specific information you would like to have?”

Specific info I would like to have? Why yes! I asked to know about the first four groups of kids we inquired about at our meeting in the DHS office (she couldn’t remember if she had even checked her email in the last two weeks when we asked at the party) and to know about the kids she recommended us for at October’s staffing (she remembered submitting us for at least two groups but couldn’t remember who/ages/number/etc). That is all I asked for, things that should have been given to us long ago. Now did she reply to that email? No. Did I email again Sunday night with a specific group of kids on AdoptUSKids? Yes. Am I defeated? Yes. Am I tired of hearing it will happen when it is supposed to happen? Yes. And does it feel good to complain every once in a while? Yes.

I know we will get the kids we are supposed to get when we are supposed to get them but how about just the patience thing instead of the neglected, forgotten, ignored, irritating, frustrating, hurtful kind of patience feeling!!



On a much calmer note, my nephew is two and eats ketchup like it is the best food of his life. When eating chicken and fries, he used them solely as a vessel to get the ketchup into his mouth. Once they were soggy, he took a spoon in one hand, a fork in the other and proceeded to eat all the rest that way. At least he is ambidextrous…


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