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Happy Turkey Day!



This is where I wish you all the joys of the holiday and we bond over gluttony but thats not really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I will bond with you over a plate of wontons at the Chinese Star Buffet but I don’t like typical Thanksgiving dinner (and I’m on countdown until we host and Indian Tacos are the menu). I usually eat mashed potatoes, corn, and deviled eggs, not exactly a meal to be especially thankful for. To further my family’s belief that I am an alien, I do not like pecans either and since they use them as a food group, several desserts are out. Thank goodness cheesecake is nut-free! Also, on the positive side, if I lose all my teeth, my Turkey Day* menu will not have to change! Bonus!


“I’ll take one No Chew Platter please.”

But seriously, I hope you have a fun time with family or friends or whatever you want to do. Watch football, work to earn money, spend it alone with a carton of ice cream, shop local, shop giant national chains like myself, do whatever you want that makes you feel like it is as special of a day as anyone else is getting to have. What is more extravagant than an day spent exactly how you want it? Nothing! So you just do you.

We have had some changes in family, venue, menu, ok, like everything this year and hopefully my hormones can handle it. Luckily, the light at the end of the tunnel is that Thursday night we shop and Friday, we feast Carynnspiration-style. At Husbando’s family gathering we are having steak and twice-baked potatoes. I almost cried when I heard. Maybe I really was adopted but I hope not from this family because ew, gross. That would make Husbando my brother. It may explain why we all fight like brothers and sisters but still… ew.

Now this is what I'm talking about!

Now this is what I’m talking about!

Further, I can now stop hearing everyone whining and complaining about my Christmas decorations being up or my holiday music playing. Thanksgiving is used by most as the official kickoff to Christmas so I can stop secretly wrapping gifts and bring out the holiday hair accessories! I hate seeing eye rolls when I admit that I am officially done with my Christmas shopping (you heard me right, I’m done). I have everything wrapped and under the tree or at least ordered and on its way. As usual, we spent at most half of what others do by stockpiling during the year. I AM NOT ASHAMED! 

I love Christmas and celebrating such a wonderful event. Jesus was born and my life (and the world) will never be the same. I love that the weather is cold and I get to snuggle up to my  husband. I love having parties with people I don’t see often. I love seeing someone’s face when they open the gift I’ve picked out and had to wait six months to watch them open. Christmas is just a wonderful time and before I get too far down the Cheesy Trail, I’ll just say… Happy Thanksgiving and BRING ON CHRISTMAS!


It is also one of the Teenager’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jantzen!

* Just for you Laura ; )


Modesty- Party of One (Obviously)


This is going to be a two-part blog about modesty. This weighs on me constantly and if I had a ‘platform’ to stand on as a beauty pageant contestant, this would be it. I haven’t quite figured out how to get this into paragraph form so we’ll be using bullet points for this particular party.


  • I am not a thin person. My entire life Madre and Nannykins have been telling me to cover up my fat. I don’t fault them for it, I thank them for it. I never have rolls hanging over my pants just waiting to peek out under my shirt and that is something I am proud of. I haven’t owned a two piece bathing suit. In fact, I wear a sports bra under my suit to make sure the girls are well-covered/supported. I never have my crack hanging out of my jeans, nothing is cut low enough that you can see my bra, and I don’t own shorts that are closer to my crotch than my knee. I cover what should be covered but why doesn’t everyone else? Why did I get good guidance but not my peers? I believe the answer is obviously parents and they’re going to get a piece of my mind in Part Two of Modesty 101, don’t worry.
  • In school shorts had to be 6″ from the knee or you were sent home. Did that suck for long-legged girls who had to find longer shorts? Sure. Does that mean I want to see all their bare leg because life isn’t fair? No. Life dealt you long legs, suck it up and buy some appropriate shorts. If a school board felt that hoochie shorts were a distraction, they probably had a reason to. Someone walking around school dressed inappropriately IS a distraction. It distracts the opposite sex, the teachers, the administrators having to deal with this preventable situation. Teachers have much better things to do than be a clothing monitor and you should have more respect in your own education than to miss class over spaghetti straps.
  • I have been taught that my body is a temple, don’t dress provocative, dancing dirty gets you pregnant and all the other church-y things that come up in my Sunday school. As much as I hate to admit it, some of those things in church were true. I may have thought it was crap back in the day but now at just a few (or 11) years out of teenagerhood I realize how right my teacher may have been. I still don’t believe dancing is wrong but doing it half-naked sure is. Quit mimicking sex on the dance floor! I do not need to see your motion of the ocean while I’m getting my groove on at Cousin Sally’s wedding. Save that R Kelly stuff for the bedroom… after you’re married.
  • It is not okay to dress this way if you are thin. This is double standard #1. The website has devoted at least 30% of their photos to overweight people baring more skin than society thinks they should. However, there are not pics of the thin people showing the same amount of skin in the exact same store. Just because the fat people have rolls doesn’t mean I want to see the thin people uncovered. I don’t want to see the upper thigh of anyone, even myself! 
  • I don’t really understand the joy in walking around in underwear. If you aren’t comfortable prancing around the mall in your bra and panties, why are you walking around the crowded beach in the same amount of coverage? Just because it is called a bathing suit does not make it acceptable. Further, if you DO want to walk around in the mall naked, start over and read through this again. I’m not impressed, just depressed by your lack of modesty.


Miley girl, you need a smack.



Well this is completely unrelated to anything I’ve ever posted but I just saw yet another article about Miley Cyrus making an embarrassment of herself. I read the comments and people are either angry at her or think she is the hottest thing ever. I’ll tell you what she is, the hottest MESS ever. She is a hot mess and someone needs to smack her in the face like one of those Designing Women episodes when someone was getting out of hand. Honey, let Julia Sugarbaker get ahold of you for a half hour and maybe you will turn back into that fully-clothed young lady we all loved (or tolerated).


What happened to this girl?!

You say you needed to grow up and I get it, I really do. Everyone needs to spread their wings a little. Maybe get that tattoo or buzz-cut you’ve always wanted. However, I grew up myself so I can say from experience I managed to keep my clothes on and my tongue in my mouth while doing it. Further, I am not alone in this. Millions of other people grew up to be perfectly clothed individuals who don’t use recreational drugs or twerk on strangers.

You are on a downward path and I have nothing but sadness for you. Not one person seems to be sitting you down and telling you what you need to hear. You look, act, and sound like an uneducated hooker. You are much more than that so why not let people see you in that light. I really think you are so afraid of losing your fame that you’re sacrificing yourself to keep it. You’d rather be a bald, dirty dancer who is still making Yahoo! stories than move on to the next phase of your life. You can make music without being nasty. You can act without being naked. You could even get a college degree and get a real job without getting high. No one would fault you for it! In fact, parents would much rather you be that kind of role model than what you’re being. I don’t have kids yet but you better believe I’ll be the ‘mean mom’ who will do my best to make sure they don’t even know who you are as long as you’re acting like this.

Maybe its the skinny jeans cutting off my circulation today or maybe its just being fed up but I’m on a warpath! I’ll stop this blog now but this is not the last you’ve heard about modesty.

Husbando Guest Blog- Part 3


I apologize about the delay in this blog.  Work happened then we were out of town this weekend then work happened again.  Excuses I know.  Anyways, on to WRAP.


Today, the letter of the day is R.

R is for Respite Care.  What is Respite Care?  Respite Care is short term or temporary care to provide relief from the daily challenges that come with caring for a child (or children). Basically… babysitting. Or even just coming over to help out. We’re not asking you to take our children for a week so Carynn and I can go on a cruise (wouldn’t that be nice), we are asking for you to offer a few hours so Carynn and I can run errands or go on a date.  If you’re brave, maybe you could have a slumber party! There will be times when I am out of town and Carynn could probably use some extra help. I may need some assistance if she needs a break. In our adoption class we were taught to Self-Care. One reason for that is to renew your relationship and take time just the two of us. Everyone needs a break now and then!


If you don’t feel respite care is right for you, that’s no problem. If you do, thank you so much!  We probably won’t need this right away but after a little while we could probably use help if you’re up for it.  Also, we won’t be offended if you don’t ask. If respite care isn’t your thing, you can help in many other ways. More on that in the future.


No News Is… Well… No News.


No news from Staffing. No word from our worker. No contact at all.

To be honest, I checked out of the process completely and am living back in my previous life. I decided to purposefully forget we are even adopting to be honest. We went ahead and decorated for Christmas last week because we no longer wonder if there will be kids wanting to help. We are buying selfish and extravagant gifts instead of stocking up on practical parent supplies. If you stop getting your hopes up, then you can’t get let down, right? Plus, you can ask for pricey electronics for Christmas!  

My passion for adoption is still very strong, don’t get me wrong. I’m just taking a break from the worry and drama of this step. I am having trouble reading other’s blogs, seeing their pictures and hearing about the relationship they have with their worker because it just adds insult to injury. We don’t need that. I promise we will tell you if anything changes but at this point, it seems to be that we will just go on through our holidays as usual and try not to feel guilty about that flat screen television I asked Santa for. 

Second Verse… Same as the First


Please enjoy this oldie but goodie. Tomorrow is the day we try the Statewide Staffing thing again. We didn’t get any hits on the first round (or we did and weren’t told) so we just keep trying. I’m going to try to pretend that my attitude is optimistic and patient. Some people wait months and years to get the family that is right for them so why am I so antsy? Well I’m guessing one reason is that I got a glimpse into my future life this weekend by playing with a couple of my favorite teenagers.

And I loved every single minute of it.

Numbers Three and Four came for a slumber party Friday night and we had pizza, watched a movie and stayed up late working in the kitchen. I was trying to find something for us to do that wouldn’t cost anything but let us spend time together so my genius self put those sous chefs to work! Few months ago I bought a stand up freezer for the garage in anticipation of needing the space/meals in the near future. I had been wanting to plug the thing in and fill ‘er up so the night before the teenagers arrived I went to Wal*Mart and bought enough stuff to make several freezer meals. Twenty-one freezer meals to be exact! These are mostly test runs but we had such a ball in the kitchen, it won’t really matter if the meals suck. We chopped, dice, talked about #4’s girlfriend, browned hamburger meat, schemed against mean girls at #3’s school, had a lesson on peeling carrots, drank a lot of root beer, cruised Pinterest, made fancy Florida hand scrub, and filled that freezer up! I can’t think of a better four hours I’ve had recently. 

The next day we went for a driving lesson, garage sale shopped, walked through a craft fair and then away they went into the sunset with their mom. I am not under the impression that life with teenagers is always this rosey and I know these kiddos are extra well-behaved when they are with us. However, I’ll take all the negative to get these positives. I think thats pretty much the reason everyone has kids, right?!