Aunt Ten? Seriously kid…


My nephew came to visit for a few days last week and we had a pretty great time! He turns 2 this coming weekend so mostly we just played but we also went on several walks around the neighborhood, took a trip to Wal*Mart, helped man the garage sale and he provided the family with hours of entertainment. Please enjoy.

I finally stopped giggling long enough to get my phone out and get a clip of this. He was using a Pokemon card as a phone and had a LOT to say. After trying for several months and him mastering ‘uncle’, Husbando finally got him to say my name. Kinda. It came out like Aunt Ten all weekend and at the end of this video he realizes I’m recording and says it. Small victories.

IMG_3866My brother put a turban on him, stood him in a box and turned him into a fortune teller. Can you believe he didn’t get one nickel? Rude garage sale customers!

IMG_3803This is us staying up late watching the Cardinals make it to the World Series! Miraculously he can actually say ‘baseball game’. He uses it for all sports but hey, he’ll learn!

IMG_3772This is our version of  helping set up the garage sale.

IMG_3850Is there anything cuter than a toddler sharing his Babybel cheese with his Pound Puppy kitty? Nope.

IMG_3794We have been practicing selfies for a while now and he totally has it down.

IMG_3862When I was in 8th grade my uncle passed away in a car accident. Unfortunately, he was the uncle that had spent the most ‘quality’ time with me when I was little and I never got to thank him for that. I have pictures of us playing jacks together, fishing, flying kites and hunting Easter eggs together. My fondest memories of him are  us sitting on the curb outside eating Push-Ups together. When I heard that magical music, I could count on him to pull out a couple dollars, get us each one and pull up some sidewalk for a little date. Fast forward 20… okay, 30 years and I heard that same music. I didn’t have the dollars in my pocket (thanks Schnookie for spotting me) but we made it happen! We had our first Push-Up Date and I hope very hard this is the first of many he will get to look back on and smile about.


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