Updateless Is Totally A Word, Right?



Today was an updateless day. We have several of those but I really thought with my email I sent yesterday at lunch it would happen. Every time in the past we have nudged and gotten an update, usually telling us we’ve waited for no reason and we could move forward with something. Obviously that is not the case this week. It has been two weeks since we went to DHS and looked at profiles. It has been four days since the Statewide Staffing. I KNOW they are understaffed. I KNOW they are overworked. I KNOW they are underpaid and I KNOW we are overanxious but I can’t help it. It frustrates me and I need to say it out loud. Or at least write it out loud. We have been patient but when I feel we’re doing all the work for them by being so flexible, I start to feel walked-on. I had a couple new dreams about the kiddos and I think that is adding to my impatience.

On a happier note, my Madre-In-Love and Padre-In-Love are visiting. We are going to a concert tonight and hopefully Michael W. Smith and Jason Crabb will lift my spirits. With our house being under construction and helping Madre move out of her house, we could use a break. Hope all of you have a great weekend and as usual, I’ll let you know when this updateless period ends.



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