Statewide Staffing: The Hive is Swarming


Once a month all the DHS workerbees from the whole state get together at the Norman ‘hive’ and buzz about matching children with Resources*.  That day was yesterday. The parent caseworkers, Adoption Specialists, the kid’s representatives, etc. all sit in a big room and work on the giant puzzle that is Foster Care. They try to fit the pieces together the best they can. Who has new foster kids? Anyone have newly-approved adoptive parents? You over there, what about that one kid? Anyone have kids that went from foster to adoptable? Anyone have anyone that needs a new place? Yo, what about that one lady?…

I can’t imagine.

I also can’t wait to find out what happens.

We are not the norm because we are so flexible and are willing to take a sibling group with up to four kids. However, if we were a little more picky and wanted, say, a female, caucasian, under a year old, the system would go more like this: The kid’s workerbee would say hey, I have this adorable little girl who just had parental rights severed and now she is adoptable. Then our worker (and probably several others) would say hey, that is just what my Resources are looking for! So she would submit our paperwork to the kiddo’s worker who would look at all the Resources that were interested. She would pick a few she likes best and then ship them up her chain of command. Some queen bee would pick what Resource looks to be the best for that little girl and then that Resource would get to start into the adoption process. That means a few dates, a few sleepovers, then moving in. After six months that little girl would then be theirs forever and everyone lives happily ever after.

However, we probably won’t have that much competition. Apparently Resources willing to take a sibling group, especially four, are rare. That is sad to me but that is a whole different blog. So we are hoping that one of the workerbees out there has four kids who need us as bad as we need them in our lives. I have already decided we are emailing Thursday night if we haven’t heard anything. That is the a plan. I will not worry about it until then and I will not worry about it being too early when I actually push send. I am giving adequate time to update us without feeling ignored on. I think.  Anyway, I hope to hear something by Friday on how it went. I’ll keep you updated!




*’Resources’ are foster and adoptive parents that DHS use as a resource, thus our title.


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