The Lineup



We went down to DHS and picked out all these kids to move in with us. Just kidding!! If you’ve ever read my blog, you recognize these crazy kids as my unofficial teenagers. They would be welcome to move in but their parents may miss them… eventually.*

However, we DID go to DHS and look at sibling group profiles. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We still rode up the pee-smelling elevator and sat in a waiting room with some very shady people but after that we were escorted to a super cute room with floral curtains and adorable decorations. We never once felt like we were at a meat market. No one was lined up like the kids above, no one was flexing to prove they are strong or smiling to prove they don’t need braces. It was simple. Sit in the chairs, go through the two binders and write down the pages of the profiles you feel could be right for you. We were left alone to look in private and we found four groups of kiddos that we think would fit pretty good with us. Two groups of three and two groups of four.

Now our caseworker sends their caseworkers our assessment (home study report) to see if they are available/interested/a good match. If any of their caseworkers think we’re compatible, we will make a plan to meet those particular kiddos in person. If those don’t work out or we don’t hear from them by Tuesday, our Adoption Specialist will take our file to Statewide Staffing and see if anyone there has a good match for us. We also have a big adoption party in a few weeks where they have a carnival as a way for adoptive parents and foster kids to meet and mingle. I’m a nervous wreck about that but we agreed to go to at least one so we are.

So this is where we are. I have been much more calm and patient throughout the process than everyone thought I would be but I’m starting to get so excited that I find myself daydreaming of us all riding in the car to a weekend at the lake or pillow fighting in the living room. Now that there are faces, its easier to see these things. Shoot, I am even daydreaming of the boring stuff like taking them to the dentist and shopping for school supplies. I just want to do ANYTHING with them! *sigh* Patience.

*I am always making the teenagers lineup so I can take their picture. Get ready adoptive children, New Mama is a picture-taking crazywoman!


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