How To Do The Impossible



Okay, the time is here when we are going to go to DHS and look at kids. Well their files. Its not an actual lineup. I feel dirty and we aren’t even there yet. We are going to walk into the building, through the metal detectors, up the elevator that smells like pee, be buzzed in past the bullet-proof glass and ushered to a room where we will be given documents, pictures and information about kids that really need us. To be honest, every single one of them needs us to want them and bring them into our home. Unfortunately we have to decide which three or four kids are the ones that are meant to be with us forever. It may be none of the groups we look at or we may not be able to narrow it down. We are going to have to pray VERY hard for good decision-making skills.*

We know the kids we get will be the right ones but we are still nervous/anxious about this getting so real. I find myself wondering what will make them jump out at us. How will I know they are ‘the ones’? Will it be their long, dark eyelashes that I have dreamed about? Will it be that they live close so that visits would be easy? They play the sports I wouldn’t mind them participating in? I would really rather not be a soccer mom. Maybe one has pigtails and I’m a sucker for pigtails. One group I saw online liked Christian contemporary music just like Husbando. How many tweens list Toby Mac as their favorite singer? I’ll tell you the answer… one.

I found myself excited over finding something we would have in common with them. It was nice to hear that we will have things to talk about and enjoy together. I need to know that we won’t always feel like we’re pushing them to like what we like or will be stuck doing things we hate. Don’t get me wrong, I know we’ll teach them a lot and they will teach us too but I am grasping at things to bond over together. Oh, you think black olives are the devil’s creation? Us too! Get in the car! You think its ridiculous to be a University of Texas fan? Perfect! I’ll pick you up in five! You want to go to the Michael W. Smith concert instead of wasting money on Ke$ha? When can you move in?! It will be interesting to find out what does it. But we will know it when we see it and you can bet there is a blog post ready to share whatever it is with you. Stay tuned : )

*We could use some extra prayers for that if you’re giving them out. Light a candle, beg, release a balloon or whatever you do in big situations. Thanks!


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