How Did This Even Happen?!



I was laying in my hotel room this morning thinking about taking my dementia-ridden Papakins to a Branson show this weekend. We are headed to Hits Of The Sixties in a few days and how on earth was I talked into this? After several moments of going over it in my head, I realized it was Nannykins guilt that did it. Works every time. She called one day and along with the typical why-don’t-you-ever-come-see-me guilt I got the we-bought-a-new-van-just-so-we-could-go-on-trips-but-we-never-go-on-trips guilt. *sigh*

So I called the Boxcar Willie Inn and booked us a room! Nannykins only wanted to do one thing in Branson. Go to the Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat show. Well sorry but two and a half hours of that wasn’t about to happen. At least not with me. And definitely not at a hundred bucks a pop. So Madre and I ‘volunteered’ to take Papa to an upbeat (and shorter) show while I enlisted Husbando to take Nannykins to Joseph. Apparently he was in the play when he was younger so he wants to sing along. Very sorry I’ll be missing that. Very.

I am actually excited about Husbando also ‘volunteering’ to stay at the hotel on Saturday to watch football bond with Papakins while we go shopping. Not just regular shopping… OUTLET MALL shopping! It is my favorite. But I know that the weekend will actually be wonderful. We’ll make some memories and probably use up every last drop of patience I have in my body, something I should probably be practicing. Papakins will drop some racial slurs, Nanny will put a plastic bag over her hair, both things that are the norm. Husbando will be fetal in the corner of the room shivering and Madre and I will get in a cat fight.  But just in case, pray for me.

P.S. I’m sorry that you’ve had to listen to my lame weekends lately. Unfortunately with no adoption updates (until yesterday) and no kiddos running around, I have very little else to blog about.


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  1. 1. This is probably the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad that I got to meet them and stay in their home and allow me to eat their delicious food and introduce me to well-done Carl’s Jr biscuits.

    2. They recently opened up TWO outlet malls up here. About 20 minutes from my house. Just sayin’.

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