Hummus, You Are Not My Friend


No more cabbage rolls before bed! We went on a little date last night and then I had another kiddo dream. I blame the dinner I had. It was so delicious but I ate too much and now I think I’m going crazy. Unlike the other dreams, this was about a very specific group of kiddos. These kids keep coming up in our search and are perfect for us by the way. In my dream there were four (another boy just younger than the oldest) that were coming into our family. The girls had some activity (soccer game maybe?) so only the two boys came over for the day and we really hit it off. Then the next day we went and picked up the girls and the six of us hung out by going to the park and stuff. At the end the girls had to go home for some reason but didn’t want to. They were upset and one reached for me in some slow-motion kind of sob scene where our fingers meet but we can’t quite grasp hands before we are pulled apart. I was upset but then the boys promised me the girls would be back the next day. *sigh* Torture. 

For the record, no news yet but please enjoy this baby dressed as a turkey.




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