Do you remember?


Remember when we bought a new house like eight months ago? And remember how we ripped out 1,800 square feet of carpet and replaced it with the most gorgeous hand-scraped hickory Home Depot could find? Oh and do you remember how I am absolutely in love with this floor enough that sometimes I just stand and smile at it? Well tomorrow some (I’m sure) very nice men are coming to tear it up. Then they are going to jackhammer a giant hole in my kitchen/dining area and replace a little pipe. Thanks pipe for ruining my life.

There are two silver linings keeping me from pulling out my hair. One, new kitchen tile. We have about 100 square feet of tile in our house and they are having to tear that up too so tonight we got to pick out new (and very updated) tile complete with a fun design in the middle. Funny the only ‘free’ update we are getting is in the one room that was fixed before we moved in. Oh well, the floor will be beautiful! If something else happens, I need it to happen in the bathroom we haven’t updated yet! Two, continental breakfast. I absolutely LOVE staying in hotels. I love putting the air on 62 degrees and not paying the electric bill. I love soft white linens, unlimited hot water, ice buckets and someone making my bed. Since this process is going to take a bit and our water and air conditioning will be turned off, we are headed to a suite in the trendy downtown area.

Uh oh. Grown up moment. Stay-cation and kitchen updates are getting me all excited. I am definitely growing up. 



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