Weekend Recap – Don’t Judge Me!



I know its a little late for a weekend recap but just pretend I was on the ball and have everything together. Where should we start? Maybe I should explain this tiny cast? Madre-In-Love can’t remember if it belonged to Brother-In-Law or Husbando but one of them wore it as a baby to correct some foot/leg problem. Husbando had one on both feet, Brother-In-Law had it on one and Bro-In-Law had none. Sometimes its nice to go last I guess. Anyway, we were all sitting around talking and Plano Girl was under the impression that it was for a clubfoot problem. Needless to say, she was very excited it wasn’t and now there is hope for biological children!

IMG_2984It was Padre-In-Love’s birthday weekend so we had Yum-Yum Cake, a family tradition, to celebrate. Husbando put trick candles on it and besides almost catching the Cool Whip on fire, the cup we put them in DID catch on fire. It was so cool!

IMG_2987I CAUGHT A FISH ALL BY MYSELF! I picked the lure, caught the fish, took it off the hook, saved it from being eaten by the dog and put it back in the water. It is the first fish I’ve caught in this lake and it was a pretty good bass.

IMG_2999Husbando washed his wallet. This is the first time this has happened since I’ve known him so hopefully not going to be a repeat offense…

IMG_2988 IMG_2990

The water was low so we couldn’t get the boat out. What does that equal? Lots of naps. Since I assured them their pics wouldn’t go on the blog, I just had to share. Also, I found out Bro-In-Law actually knows about this blog AND knows where to find it. Impressive. Hi Bro! Hope you love the pic : D


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