It really happened… WE WENT TO MEDIEVAL TIMES! The entire Smith Fam loaded up and headed to not a fine dining establishment but a place we can wear paper crowns and eat chicken with our bare hands. It was barbaric and wonderful.


We drove over an hour to our festivities so by the time we got there Bro-In-Law was so wired, he was bouncing off the walls. Here is a very lovely photobomb. A note about this pic: Bro-In-Law has NEVER liked letting me take pics of him, posting them on Facebook or tagging him.  Monday he actually turns to me and says ‘I can’t believe you didn’t tag me in that photobomb picture!’… I’m sorry, are we in a parallel dimension where that would not end in a tongue lashing and noogie? I cannot keep up with this boy these days! Edmond Girl has definitely worn off on him.


After a tour of the Torture Museum and mingling in the lobby we sit down and get ready for the fun to begin! Madre-In-Love was VERY excited that all of us were so cute in our crowns. I think we are about the cutest family unit ever. I was soaking up every minute and appreciating the moments as if I was looking at life through my ten-year-old eyes. Like many, we didn’t have funds to do things like this when I was younger.  I also had a small family so getting to do this, especially with such a big group, makes me feel like a giddy little kid. Did I mention I’ve been begging for this event for like two years? Oh, must’ve forgot that part.


Crown Selfies are the BEST!!

IMG_3006 IMG_3007

Okay, I totally cheated. Sue me but I don’t like to getting chicken grease under my fake fingernails. I brought plastic silverware.


This is it! Let the games begin!


So we had two hours of the most exciting fake sword fighting and then we piled into the car for another long car ride. Only we didn’t get far before the car just gave up. No A/C, the gauges all went crazy, it was out of coolant and it pretty much died. Luckily we made it to an Exxon where we could buy water bottles and send for help. We broke a lot of loitering rules and stuff but it was actually pretty awesome. We made memories to laugh about when sweat isn’t dripping in every crevasse.


Edmond Girl and Bro-In-Law were totally loitering.IMG_3048

IMG_3049The car was towed to a repair place, Plano Girl and Brother-In-Law rescued us from the Exxon, a rental was acquired and we all managed not to kill each other in a heat-induced rage. The drive home was rainy and cool and I am so glad I was part of this awesome day. It was what I hope is a first of many #sundayfundays.


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