Tiny Updates Are Better Than No Updates… Right?



From our DHS worker:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.37.23 AM

Me? Questions? How about a million? But I’ll wait patiently until she contacts us. We’re hoping in the next couple weeks we’ll have a call so she can meet us to give us our copy of the report and let us know what her plans are for a match. We’re sitting on ‘go’ once her supervisor gives her the approval and I’m sure she will be almost as excited to get to match us as we are to get matched.

Confession: I have dreams all the time about our family now. When the worker from Family and Children Services asked me what/who I see at our dining room table when I close my eyes, I answered four kids, two boys and two girls, around 3-12 years old. I didn’t go into this much detail with her but the youngest and oldest are girls and the boys are in the middle. They have super long eyelashes and brown eyes. Why do I see this? No clue. I’ve always been open to adopting both younger and older so I don’t know if thats a subconscious thing or not. In my dreams its a whole different story. They are different races, gender mixes, ages and sometimes as few as two kids. Other times there are a dozen or more. It may depend on how many 19 Kids and Counting episodes I’ve seen lately.

Husbando had a dream we took four kiddos under ten to the first University of Houston game in their new stadium. There were two boys and two girl all with their little faces painted and throwing up their ‘cougar paws’ in celebration. Of course it was the best dream of his life. It could happen. In fact, I’d really like to make it happen for him.

BFFF had a dream about us too. We had four girls, apparently. Heaven help Husbando when we sync our cycles. Also in this dream we got a pool paid for by DHS for ‘therapeutic reasons’. Maybe I’ll start researching the likelihood of this being an option ; ) Another dream I had we won the lottery and built a mansion to house our gaggle and we had the most fun and amazing life like Billy Madison. Dreams are so awesome. And odd.

Our real life dream in this process is to adopt a healthy and happy bunch of kids that we can raise in a better environment than they’ve had. I think there are a million different ways for that to come to us so any of these dreams may become reality any day. I better go buy a lottery ticket…



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  1. Know this feeling all too well! I swear sometimes reading your posts tosses me back in time a few months! When we first heard that we were authorized for the fun sized people… all of my dreams had little people with no faces in them. I was so happy once we finally got to see their pictures! One of my friends even teased me on Facebook and said, “Aww, they have faces now!”

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