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How To Do The Impossible



Okay, the time is here when we are going to go to DHS and look at kids. Well their files. Its not an actual lineup. I feel dirty and we aren’t even there yet. We are going to walk into the building, through the metal detectors, up the elevator that smells like pee, be buzzed in past the bullet-proof glass and ushered to a room where we will be given documents, pictures and information about kids that really need us. To be honest, every single one of them needs us to want them and bring them into our home. Unfortunately we have to decide which three or four kids are the ones that are meant to be with us forever. It may be none of the groups we look at or we may not be able to narrow it down. We are going to have to pray VERY hard for good decision-making skills.*

We know the kids we get will be the right ones but we are still nervous/anxious about this getting so real. I find myself wondering what will make them jump out at us. How will I know they are ‘the ones’? Will it be their long, dark eyelashes that I have dreamed about? Will it be that they live close so that visits would be easy? They play the sports I wouldn’t mind them participating in? I would really rather not be a soccer mom. Maybe one has pigtails and I’m a sucker for pigtails. One group I saw online liked Christian contemporary music just like Husbando. How many tweens list Toby Mac as their favorite singer? I’ll tell you the answer… one.

I found myself excited over finding something we would have in common with them. It was nice to hear that we will have things to talk about and enjoy together. I need to know that we won’t always feel like we’re pushing them to like what we like or will be stuck doing things we hate. Don’t get me wrong, I know we’ll teach them a lot and they will teach us too but I am grasping at things to bond over together. Oh, you think black olives are the devil’s creation? Us too! Get in the car! You think its ridiculous to be a University of Texas fan? Perfect! I’ll pick you up in five! You want to go to the Michael W. Smith concert instead of wasting money on Ke$ha? When can you move in?! It will be interesting to find out what does it. But we will know it when we see it and you can bet there is a blog post ready to share whatever it is with you. Stay tuned : )

*We could use some extra prayers for that if you’re giving them out. Light a candle, beg, release a balloon or whatever you do in big situations. Thanks!


How Did This Even Happen?!



I was laying in my hotel room this morning thinking about taking my dementia-ridden Papakins to a Branson show this weekend. We are headed to Hits Of The Sixties in a few days and how on earth was I talked into this? After several moments of going over it in my head, I realized it was Nannykins guilt that did it. Works every time. She called one day and along with the typical why-don’t-you-ever-come-see-me guilt I got the we-bought-a-new-van-just-so-we-could-go-on-trips-but-we-never-go-on-trips guilt. *sigh*

So I called the Boxcar Willie Inn and booked us a room! Nannykins only wanted to do one thing in Branson. Go to the Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat show. Well sorry but two and a half hours of that wasn’t about to happen. At least not with me. And definitely not at a hundred bucks a pop. So Madre and I ‘volunteered’ to take Papa to an upbeat (and shorter) show while I enlisted Husbando to take Nannykins to Joseph. Apparently he was in the play when he was younger so he wants to sing along. Very sorry I’ll be missing that. Very.

I am actually excited about Husbando also ‘volunteering’ to stay at the hotel on Saturday to watch football bond with Papakins while we go shopping. Not just regular shopping… OUTLET MALL shopping! It is my favorite. But I know that the weekend will actually be wonderful. We’ll make some memories and probably use up every last drop of patience I have in my body, something I should probably be practicing. Papakins will drop some racial slurs, Nanny will put a plastic bag over her hair, both things that are the norm. Husbando will be fetal in the corner of the room shivering and Madre and I will get in a cat fight.  But just in case, pray for me.

P.S. I’m sorry that you’ve had to listen to my lame weekends lately. Unfortunately with no adoption updates (until yesterday) and no kiddos running around, I have very little else to blog about.

A very, very good day!


I hadn’t heard from our caseworker in a couple weeks so I caved and did what I hate doing. I emailed her for an update. I fully expect in her mind the answer was ‘oh, you know… just pulling kids out of broken, abusive places and making sure they are safe but let me stop what I’m doing and email you a little something’. But instead, she gave us THIS:


Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet woman! You have made this a VERY good day. So we will probably set a time next week to meet up with her and go over files (and that is a whole other blog post). I’m kinda disappointed we don’t have an adoption specialist assigned yet because statewide staffing won’t be helpful without someone there to represent us. Thats where all the kid caseworkers and all the resource (thats us) caseworkers meet up and try to make connections.  It is coming up very soon but will be hard without someone to match us. Oh well, we know we will get the kids we are supposed to, no matter when that is.

They Grow Up So Fast


I have been cleaning out my childhood bedroom and finding some dandy treasures. My favorites are the pics of the teenagers as wee people. The further I dig, the younger they get! I almost forget how young they were when I came into their lives. I don’t know if they remember a time when I wasn’t at their birthday parties and I’m so glad for that.






See the oldest one? I went to see him at his job this weekend. He works at Buffalo Wild Wings and goes to college. See the second oldest one? He will be 18 in less than a month and works at Quik Trip. I simply cannot get over this. The fifth one is the only one not taller than me but any day now I will be the munchkin of the group. STOP GROWING UP!!

Thanks for traveling this memory lane with me. I think I’m better.

Hummus, You Are Not My Friend


No more cabbage rolls before bed! We went on a little date last night and then I had another kiddo dream. I blame the dinner I had. It was so delicious but I ate too much and now I think I’m going crazy. Unlike the other dreams, this was about a very specific group of kiddos. These kids keep coming up in our search and are perfect for us by the way. In my dream there were four (another boy just younger than the oldest) that were coming into our family. The girls had some activity (soccer game maybe?) so only the two boys came over for the day and we really hit it off. Then the next day we went and picked up the girls and the six of us hung out by going to the park and stuff. At the end the girls had to go home for some reason but didn’t want to. They were upset and one reached for me in some slow-motion kind of sob scene where our fingers meet but we can’t quite grasp hands before we are pulled apart. I was upset but then the boys promised me the girls would be back the next day. *sigh* Torture. 

For the record, no news yet but please enjoy this baby dressed as a turkey.



Do you remember?


Remember when we bought a new house like eight months ago? And remember how we ripped out 1,800 square feet of carpet and replaced it with the most gorgeous hand-scraped hickory Home Depot could find? Oh and do you remember how I am absolutely in love with this floor enough that sometimes I just stand and smile at it? Well tomorrow some (I’m sure) very nice men are coming to tear it up. Then they are going to jackhammer a giant hole in my kitchen/dining area and replace a little pipe. Thanks pipe for ruining my life.

There are two silver linings keeping me from pulling out my hair. One, new kitchen tile. We have about 100 square feet of tile in our house and they are having to tear that up too so tonight we got to pick out new (and very updated) tile complete with a fun design in the middle. Funny the only ‘free’ update we are getting is in the one room that was fixed before we moved in. Oh well, the floor will be beautiful! If something else happens, I need it to happen in the bathroom we haven’t updated yet! Two, continental breakfast. I absolutely LOVE staying in hotels. I love putting the air on 62 degrees and not paying the electric bill. I love soft white linens, unlimited hot water, ice buckets and someone making my bed. Since this process is going to take a bit and our water and air conditioning will be turned off, we are headed to a suite in the trendy downtown area.

Uh oh. Grown up moment. Stay-cation and kitchen updates are getting me all excited. I am definitely growing up. 


Weekend Recap – Don’t Judge Me!



I know its a little late for a weekend recap but just pretend I was on the ball and have everything together. Where should we start? Maybe I should explain this tiny cast? Madre-In-Love can’t remember if it belonged to Brother-In-Law or Husbando but one of them wore it as a baby to correct some foot/leg problem. Husbando had one on both feet, Brother-In-Law had it on one and Bro-In-Law had none. Sometimes its nice to go last I guess. Anyway, we were all sitting around talking and Plano Girl was under the impression that it was for a clubfoot problem. Needless to say, she was very excited it wasn’t and now there is hope for biological children!

IMG_2984It was Padre-In-Love’s birthday weekend so we had Yum-Yum Cake, a family tradition, to celebrate. Husbando put trick candles on it and besides almost catching the Cool Whip on fire, the cup we put them in DID catch on fire. It was so cool!

IMG_2987I CAUGHT A FISH ALL BY MYSELF! I picked the lure, caught the fish, took it off the hook, saved it from being eaten by the dog and put it back in the water. It is the first fish I’ve caught in this lake and it was a pretty good bass.

IMG_2999Husbando washed his wallet. This is the first time this has happened since I’ve known him so hopefully not going to be a repeat offense…

IMG_2988 IMG_2990

The water was low so we couldn’t get the boat out. What does that equal? Lots of naps. Since I assured them their pics wouldn’t go on the blog, I just had to share. Also, I found out Bro-In-Law actually knows about this blog AND knows where to find it. Impressive. Hi Bro! Hope you love the pic : D