Home study, Check!



Earlier this week our wonderful representative from Family & Children Services came to finish the home study process. We completed the interview and actual house stuff over a week ago but she had to write the report she submits to DHS and we had to review it for errors. I am not a fast reader so poor Husbando  was tearing his hair out waiting on me to finish each page. But we got through it and if it wasn’t weird, I would have kissed that worker for all the nice things she wrote about us. But what is there not to like, right? According to how I read the report, she approved us for everything we want (four children, under 15, no major medical conditions, etc) and said we were well-adjusted and had a fun relationship. Right on! See why I like her?

So by now she has emailed the report to DHS and the department has to review it, making sure everything is accurate. If they have any questions our caseworker will call or email us but besides waiting on them to check it over, we have started the waiting game. And I’m happy to do it. I’m glad all this background check/life story/checking in my closets stuff is done. Not that I don’t think its important, just glad to have it in the past. I’m much better at waiting when everything is out of my hands. God works at His own speed, we all know that. Well go on, work Your magic. I’ll be over here soaking up the last few weeks, months or years in my craft room before I have to (gladly) give it up.

So to everyone that is going to be anxiously waiting with us, we PROMISE we will tell you ANYTHING we find out as SOON as we find it out. We like that you’re asking but if you’ve already asked three times this week, assume nothing has changed : )


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