“Can We Get A Coolie?!”


The other day I asked Husbando what five things are that he can’t wait to do with the kids. I even prefaced it with needing to be affordable and that will happen in the first year they are with us. What do you think he gave me? ‘Go to Disneyland’. This is my life. Husbando dreams big while I’m dreaming of taking a carload for $1 coolies at the local shaved ice hut.

I have found that if you are looking for a fun thing to do with kids, you don’t have to look very far. Every time I’m with my Practice Teenagers they beg for coolies. They don’t give a care in the world if they come from a 5-year-old’s roadside stand, the gas station, or one of the million little shacks around town. They just like to get a cheap and fun treat that entertains them. They like to try new flavors, dare each other to get the sourest thing on the menu and even sometimes assault the others by flinging coolie juice on them.











Do you know what this hour of fun costs me? Around a five bucks. And do you know where I learned this particular trait? From Madre. At our home study interview last week the nice lady asked me what are some of Madre’s attributes I wanted to use in my own parenting. I didn’t have to think very hard to come up with several. But at the top of the list was that she never, ever let Schnookie and I feel like we were as poor as we were. As we grew up we figured it out obviously but at the time we had no idea we were broke. She planned entire birthday parties on $20. She entertained us for full summers on a box of crayons and a roll of butcher paper. One time we went ‘camping’ and slept in the car overnight. We thought it was because Madre was awesome not because we couldn’t afford a tent or hotel room. I can’t wait to tell you about canned biscuits one day but we don’t have time for that now. I’ll just say we thought they were a food group until we were teenagers. But we had fun our whole lives and that is definitely something I plan to strive for when I become a mom. Go Madre.


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