Weekend Recap


This isn’t a real post so don’t get excited. Its just my favorite pics from last weekend. Please enjoy.

IMG_2455This was my view for the drive to the lake. Gas prices force us to drive our smallest car.

IMG_2465My dad’s tiny horse popped Nephy-Niece’s ball so Husbando and Schnookie decided to ‘let’ him wear it as a hat. He wore it around all day like that. Awesome.

IMG_2458While checking out the new bathrooms at my dad’s house, I wanted to see what it was like on the new bench in the shower. The mini-horse follows me so closely, he came right on in too.

IMG_2489Teaching selfies early.

IMG_2510In Oklahoma this is what we do to our children. We stuff them in a lifejacket, slather them with sunscreen and put them on a boat.

IMG_2525We took a cruise around the neighborhood checking out all the neighbors.

IMG_2540So funny to watch him drink his weight in shower water.

IMG_2547I do not know who taught him to put this menu on his head.


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