Home Study Volume 2


She came, she saw, she stressed us out, she left. 

That enough of an update for you? Didn’t think so. Okay, let me try again.

The nice Family and Children Services lady came to our house again Tuesday night to finish our home study interview. We had a goal. Finish. So we kept our answers just long enough to prove our love and honesty and short enough to not require extra paper or time. She asked all about our relationship, our immediate family members, how we were raised, how we plan to raise kids, what kind of kids we would accept and what our plans are in this adoption. Bam. Killed it.  

She looked around the house (not even stepping into each room but rather peeking her head in some) and peaced out almost three hours after she got there. She had to use a flashlight to tour the back yard but saw the ‘garden’ and that there was no dangerous animals or secret pools that we were trying to keep from her. Sidenote: she thinks its funny the storage shed holds Christmas decorations. Doesn’t everyone use the shed for Christmas decorations? I guess maybe not…

I punked out on fixing dinner after she left and instead we went to the gift card stash and settled on Abuelo’s. I was so stressed from the night that I couldn’t really eat but it made for some delicious lunch leftovers. 

So now we wait. She will write our report up and within a week will call to meet up again so we can proof it. We are supposed to make sure everything is accurate and then she will submit it to DHS. At that point our caseworker will be in contact with any loose ends but we should be ready to get on the list and be matched with kiddos. Everyone keep saying that will be the hardest part but I disagree. It will be the most frustrating part maybe but knowing all this stuff I have control over is done will be very satisfying for this over-organized control freak. I know now that the timeline isn’t in my hands, its in God’s. We will wait our turn and know the call we get is the call we are supposed to get. 



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