Home Study Volume 1


Well they finally contacted us to do the home study! The worker from Family & Children Services contacted me on a Tuesday and scheduled our meeting for Thursday. I guess this particular step moves pretty fast- no complaints here! When she emailed, she said she had to come 3-4 times to interview, look at the house and write the big report to turn into DHS all in less than 20 days. Good luck with that.

We swept, bleached and cleaned enough that we could eat dinner off our bathroom floor but she didn’t even walk around. Ugh. I must keep the place immaculate for four more days since she is coming back Tuesday. What she did do was sit at our dining room table and ask all about our family tree, where everyone (to our fourth cousins) lives and how they died. Who we were most close to, who we spend the most time with and how often we get together. What our best qualities are, every job we have ever had, all education and hobbies. What attracts us to people and what qualities make us stay away from people. Two hours and four minutes later we were done. And exhausted. And VERY hungry.

She gave us one paper to fill out and turn in next time but no real homework. Next time we are going to discuss our childhoods, where our families grew up, our marriage, discipline and parenting styles. She said IF we can stay on task (aka- shut up and answer without personal stories interjected) then we should finish Tuesday. She will write her report then bring it to our third and final meeting so we can review it, take a pic together and thank her for participating in our process. Sounds reasonable.

After she left we celebrated with half-price pizza and bruschetta.




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