Another Adoption Update


I promise you all that this blog will be about adoption one day. For now, I fill it with random posts between actual adoption blogs because the process is not always post-worthy and my three followers (hi Madre-In-Love) would get bored. Everyone would get tired of blogs about patience and waiting, trust me. But yesterday we got a real update. Not some huge proclamation but something new to tell the 856 people that ask about it every day (and please don’t stop asking). Here is what I put on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 8.07.40 AM

So now I wait on a phone call to make the appointment. As if I’m not already glued to my phone. Also, you know what I love? A timeline. See up there where it says call if you haven’t heard by July 26th? Perfection. That way I don’t pester you but I also don’t let someone drop the ball while I patiently wait for two extra weeks for no reason. I’m feeling good. I am expecting a call and I have my calendar ready. House is clean enough that I could be ready in an hour. Bring it on. There are no skeletons in our closets, just a lot of clearance Vera Bradley bags and 13 cases of wine.


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