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Another Adoption Update


I promise you all that this blog will be about adoption one day. For now, I fill it with random posts between actual adoption blogs because the process is not always post-worthy and my three followers (hi Madre-In-Love) would get bored. Everyone would get tired of blogs about patience and waiting, trust me. But yesterday we got a real update. Not some huge proclamation but something new to tell the 856 people that ask about it every day (and please don’t stop asking). Here is what I put on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 8.07.40 AM

So now I wait on a phone call to make the appointment. As if I’m not already glued to my phone. Also, you know what I love? A timeline. See up there where it says call if you haven’t heard by July 26th? Perfection. That way I don’t pester you but I also don’t let someone drop the ball while I patiently wait for two extra weeks for no reason. I’m feeling good. I am expecting a call and I have my calendar ready. House is clean enough that I could be ready in an hour. Bring it on. There are no skeletons in our closets, just a lot of clearance Vera Bradley bags and 13 cases of wine.


An Apology


Sorry its been so quiet here. I have had the workday from h-e-double hockey sticks about every day this summer and have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off every night. But who cares about that! Lets get back to blogging!

Sorry I am about to bum you out. We were in Texas this last weekend for what was supposed to be a wonderful July 4th long weekend of fun but instead was a time of sorrow because just as we were crossing the Texas border Husbando’s dad was getting the call that his brother (Husbando’s uncle) passed away in a freak accident. They didn’t want to tell us on the phone so as we drove up they met us on the driveway with the terrible news. Padre-in-Love is from a big family of eight kids (four boys, four girls) and now is the last son alive. We had the memorial service Sunday afternoon then all went to Dairy Queen for a mourning Blizzard. Like all of us. Like over 20 people sucking down Peanut Butter Blasters and I bet Uncle Stevie would have thought it was pretty cool.

Sorry I’m not keeping up with the adoption info. Husbando called week before last about our next step(s) since we hadn’t heard anything after finishing our class and dropping off our fingerprint cards. Our caseworker said our fingerprint checks were almost back and that someone should be calling us the next week to set up our homestudy. Well its the week after the next week and no word. I now know why people get anxious. I have no clue how long things take so why not just say a month if its gonna be a month. I don’t need optimism, I need truth! Its not like if you’re honest and say a month I am going to get mad. I will just assume thats how long it takes and not worry something has caused a hiccup in our plans. *deep breath* So we answered all 108 people that asked us how the adoption was going with the best answers we could and now we wait…

Sorry I haven’t put up pics about the weekend so here is a recap:

IMG_2161Got up early and played with Luna.

IMG_2153The Mrs. Smith Club and friends headed over to the festivities at The Lodge. Cake walk, parade, craft fair, dunk tank, etc.

DSC_1172We did a little afternoon water sporting.

IMG_2172We played Nertz and I got the lucky holographic puppy deck. Score.

DSC_0982Watched the fireworks over the dam. Fireworks work better over the water, don’t you agree?

IMG_2179Bro-In-Law did a little early morning skiing. Madre-In-Love drove and I was the spotter. In my jammies. No joke.

IMG_2180We headed to our benefit concert on Saturday but not before a little stop at Cato’s for me to find a funeral outfit and these shoes. I looked a hot mess at this funeral but Husbando kept reminding me no one was looking. Um, excuse me. I could tell you what every other person in that room was wearing so I don’t even kinda believe that!

IMG_2235Husbando, Aunt Lou, Me, Bro-In-Law. After a beautiful memorial service we enjoyed family time at DQ. What a great memory we will always have.

IMG_2214While mourning at Dairy Queen, Husbando’s cousin-in-law pulled a stack of these $2 bills out of her purse and gave one to Bro-In-Law, Husbando and me. She jokingly said Happy Birthday but really it was just her way of sharing something special with us. It is little things like this that make me feel like I am really part of the family that my last name comes from.

So that  was our Independence Day weekend. It wasn’t what we expected or planned but it was good anyway. We still had fun and we got to celebrate a life of someone who spent July fourth water skiing with Elvis through the Pearly Gates. I bet he had fun.

At Least It Wasn’t Me


He broke down and called DHS. Our caseworker to be specific. We finished our adoption class a couple weeks ago and hadn’t heard anything after that so Husbando picked up the phone with his impatient little fingers to ‘make sure she got our fingerprints’. Yeah right. He was just anxious. Just like me only I’ve been too busy lately to think about why or why not she hasn’t called with an update. Or instructions. Or heavy breathing. I can only imagine they’re just as busy there as we are with our lives.

So she tells him that they are waiting on our fingerprint checks to come back and once they are back the contracted home study company will be contacting us, hopefully this week. Well its a holiday in there so unlikely. Anyway,  that person will set up a time to come look at the house and have a more in-depth conversation with us about our plan. Think why do you want to be an adoptive parent, what are your intentions, how is your marriage, what blood type is your cousin’s hairdresser kind of stuff. That is when we go over the Will You Take A Special Needs Child questionnaire and actually have to answer aloud. Ugh. Still dreading that. Guilt gut will be making an appearance that day, no doubt. But we have a plan and are going to stick with it. We will discuss ages, genders, races, everything.

Besides the house needing a good dusting, we’re ready when they call. From what I understand this will be a multiple-visit thing where they will probably come at least two times, if not more. If we had kids already they would probably come more, interviewing them as well. But we don’t so no worries about kids saying the darnedest things.

Thats where we are. (Im)Patiently waiting. Feels a little more real every time we talk about the next step but a little less real every time they give us another road block. I was hoping for 9 months so the whole paper pregnant thing would be ironically funny but we may be pushing it if this particular step takes more than a few weeks. Is it too much to ask for them by Halloween because I want to be the cast of Grease? Guess I should start talking to some understudies in the event that I need some friends to fill their spaces. Any applicants?