How To Be A Great Husbando



  • First, take a week off work to relax and do a few things around the house.
  • Next, tell your wife you are going to Dicky’s for dinner so when she gets home and finds this in the door, she gets totally confused.
  • On the inside of the card tell your wife to get in comfy clothes, get to the dinner table, and that you’ll be taking care of everything else.
  • For dinner you should have sparkling raspberry wine, wilted spinach, garlic cheese bread, and cedar plank salmon.
  • Dessert should totally be gourmet cupcakes you have had hidden. Totally.

I’m so lucky to have a Husbando that recognizes when I have had a total crap week and makes it better. You should too so go on Groupon and get you a membership if you don’t have a Husbanso. I saw it on there earlier and think its both absurd and awesome to use a coupon for a mate. Would make for an awesome story!


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  1. true story: one of my friends met her now-husband online. They’re favorite thing to say to people: “You can find ANYTHING on the internet!”
    Oh well, I think it’s cute.

    • HOW DO I EDIT MY COMMENT?! THEIR favorite thing…THEIR!
      Sorry. Have a spelling-induced stroke. Does anyone else smell burnt toast?

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