Birthday, Schmirthday



IMG_1794My birthday is always on Father’s Day. Schnookie’s birthday is always on Mother’s Day.* Our parents played the ultimate joke on us, didn’t they? Oh you want to celebrate your own birth? Tough, we’re celebrating who brought you into the world instead! Not cool parentals. Not. Cool. However, having this problem seems petty compared to parents who decide to get pregnant nine months before Christmas. Christmas?! You really want them to share with Jesus? No one can compete with that! The pressure would be overwhelming.

Husbando and I share a birthday week and I kinda like that. Mine is 4 days before so just enough time to get the belated cards and wishes out of the way before he has his very own day. He doesn’t party up his birthday quite like I do so those four days are plenty for him.

This year he won best gifts with the Tyler Perry plays (oh Madea, you cra) and a Carlos. What is a Carlos? Its a pony to match Consuela. I have been coveting my neighbor’s lawn ornament (sorry God, I broke #10) since we moved into our house. Every day we drive by and the pony is just begging to come live with us. He was dirty and grass was growing way too high around him. Well day before my birthday they had an estate sale and Husbando stopped by to see if they would sell Carlos. Dude in charge told him he would let him go for $10. Husbando offered $5 and put him in the car. He hid him on the side of the house since he knows I would never look or even go outside now that its over 75 degrees outside. After church and brunch we came home and had the big reveal I love the bow. It really completes the awesome. We then went and got Drunk Pedis where they serve you Franzia from their frige and later had a steak. He worked so hard to make my day special.

Fast forward four days. Husbando has taken off the whole week so he is in a pretty euphoric state . He opens the pink polo and winter jacket that I have had stashed away for weeks. I had an epic grand finale planned but he decides he wants to go to the Garth/Trisha/Toby/Mel/Willie concert for tornado relief and my grand finale will wait for Christmas if we are going to that. Tickets went on sale the next morning and luckily we got some. Sold out in about a minute. We are so, so excited to go and now I have something in my back pocket that will prolong my title as Wife of the Year next year.



Obviously not always but it sure feels like it.


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