Back to School- Part 9 DONE!


I don’t even know if I was this excited at my college graduation. My tolerance for school is so low these days, I would doubt it. We didn’t really learn much about child behavior tonight, we just watched a video, played a game, ate snacks and ‘graduated’ with our certificates. Fine by me!


We were so afraid the ‘everyone bring snacks’ idea would end poorly that Husbando and I got a little snack for insurances purposes.


Every week we have to get our little card signed and now it is complete! BAM! We are don’t-stick-kids-in-the-closet-class graduates!


The blue book is our nine week workbook and the green book is what we get for completing the class. It is a huge book of resources available to us. I am sure we’ll be referencing it often because it has websites, hotlines, and info we can use to make a better life for our kiddos. Score!


Lastly, if you see this woman, don’t let your kids around her. If I knew how, I would report her for being a terrible person. Her answer for a great free activity for your family was ‘Dine and dash or sneaking into Big Splash’. Nice. Then when we were talking about the confidentiality policy she said she puts pics up on Facebook all the time and no one told her she couldn’t. I explained it was on the application and other paperwork too and she said ‘I didn’t have time to read all that’. Oh, well you know… if you were busy, you were busy I guess. Grrr.


So after I got out of there without shanking her, we celebrated at Sonic with the new shakes. I had Peanut Butter and Jelly. Totally recommend it!


So there you have it, two graduates ready for some kiddos! I keep telling myself not to put a date on when I think we’ll get them but I think by Halloween sounds nice. Try a nice soft holiday before we get into the big ones. Lets all cross our fingers.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive with this process. We appreciate all your kind words, Facebook comments, questions and encouragement.


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  1. Aaaahhhhh! So happy you’re finally done!!! And so excited I can’t put any more sentences together so… yaaaaaaaaay!!!!

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