Don’t You Wish Your Weekend Was Hot Like Mine


Remember that awesome weekend I had a little while back? Well I had another one of those. You know, the ones you wish would never end because they were just so. darn. fun. Pictures (or Instagram) speaks louder than paragraphs so here are the highlights:

First I woke up Saturday morning to find my garage sale shopping car had a screw in the tire. We knew we were going to need new tires soon but were hoping to get through the summer. That obviously didn’t happen. So I went to Firestone at 7:15am and while I waited, I watched a marathon of hillbillies mining for gold in the rain forrest. Oh what has the History Channel become? I also read this. Fascinating that they had the magazine to begin with but even more fascinating was the topic of gay marriage and its impact on black wealth. To sum up the article, only certain companies have experienced staff to help you invest as a gay couple. Also, each state has different beneficiary rights and you may not be able to claim anything if your partner passes away. Similar to this video (that may or may not be real) that went viral last week on my Facebook wall. Definitely something that needs to be corrected in America. Carynn, get off your soapbox. Seriously. It will end poorly.


IMG_1697So I finally picked up my buddies (Numbers 3 & 4 out of five kids I used to babysit when they were wee tots) to go garage sale shopping but first, I needed a Spongebob Donut. My buddies were both on a diet. #3, the only girl, cheated with me. #4 stayed in the car. Such willpower.

IMG_1698After a long morning of garage sale shopping we headed to lunch at Subway, a strange land to #4, who had never ordered a sandwich there. We settled on a chicken sandwich and shared the footlong. I can feel the pounds dripping off. Anyway, we walked around Hogs & Hotrods to make fun of people check out cool cars and bikes before we went home to rest before the drive-in.

IMG_1704#3 and I broke out our $3 garage sale hotloop find and went to work on potholders. Ok, mostly I scrapbooked and watched SVU marathon but I totally finished that potholder like a champ. After that it was time to go grab dinner and head to the drive-in to meet #1 and his boyfriend. 

IMG_1710We watched The Internship and Hangover 3 and both were hilarious. After the movies we all headed to our house for a slumber party. The next morning we had homemade donut holes and eggs followed by a teeth brushing party before we headed to the pool. I know people say teenagers are rough but they are kinda my thing. Well until they wake up and open their mouthes.

IMG_1715We swam and ate cheeseballs all afternoon until it was time to get out of the sun and try a new snow cone. Wedding Cake and Ice Cream flavors. Are you kidding me?! Where has this been all my life??

IMG_1719After cooling off we went home to watch Napoleon Dynamite and take a nap. Post-nap I put my little kitchen slaves to work! They sliced, they diced, they mixed me a margarita. It was glorious to have someone else to do the work!

IMG_1730Then Husbando, four more kiddos, and their parents all came over and we feasted on taco salad. I confiscated all the kiddie phones because I am a tyrant and got tired of telling them to ‘be present with the people you’re with’. We played cards and laughed until we couldn’t see straight and then they all took their phones and left. It was glorious. And we’re doing it all over again in two weeks.



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