Back to School Part 7- One. More. Week.




Session seven highlights will be short and to the point for the two of you who are still pretending to care.



We had to split into groups and answer these questions about each of the four steps of a crisis. Our group was actually having fun making fun of the task so our token answer to the first two questions was ‘crying’ and our token answer to the bottom one was ‘sad’. We wrote those on all four stations. We also wrote the word ‘ditto’ under the other team’s answers because as grown-ups, we have a basic grasp of life skills like tying our shoes, finding our way to class and what the answer to these questions is supposed to be.




They also gave us some profound advice. Be like a duck. When you say duck, I think commander. Sorry, can’t help it. So here is how I feel about this duck. The Duck Dynasty guys are gonna get him!

Lastly, I can’t stop giggling like a kid at the IT stickers on the plugs. Tuesdays we are in one room and on Thursdays we are in another so at least half the time I can keep it together : )


Seven down, two to go. Eye is on the prize. Man, there better be cake the last night. If there isn’t, I’m making a stop at Wal*Mart on the way home!



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  1. I saw Duck Dynasty floor mats on sale… Kohl’s, I think? Anyway, I take it I should be picking up two? Act surprised. Your birthday’s coming up.

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