Back to School Part 6- No Shame Shirts



First, class was cancelled last Thursday due to bad weather. Actually, DHS didn’t cancel class (because they aren’t idiots), the campus where we have our classes did. So in hindsight we should have just told everyone to come to our house a couple miles away but we didn’t. Now we are behind. As if 5 weeks didn’t seem torturously long to begin with… extend that two days. So stoked. In their only sliver of defense, we have had one doozie of a tornado season this year and I’ve had my fill for a while, thanks. I took the above pic while I was leaving Wally World one night. Everyone I  know is fine but devastation is all around. We actually heard the sirens from our house for a twister that took out several top floors in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Many of our family members live near Moore, the worst hit. To be honest, no one is surprised anymore when they get hit. It has happened three times since I’ve been out of high school and if I were them, my vote would be to maybe… I don’t know… MOVE!? They have ALWAYS gotten bad storms and tornadoes but to have it hit some neighborhoods three times and lose your house every few years? After one I may have stayed but after two? No, shame on you! You’re lucky the insurance company doesn’t drop you like a sack of potatoes! Anyway, help, thoughts and prayers are going out all over the world and I’m sure they appreciate that so keep it up.


Back to class. So we covered the most random amount of crap you’ve ever heard from discipline vs. punishment arguments to protecting yourself if/when you get brought up on charges yourself. Apparently it happens more than I realized. Great. Add ‘Worry About Going to Jail’ and ‘Don’t Drop the Soap’ to the stresses of this process. We talked about how to self care (Teach even suggested a nice Groupon massage every once in a while) but mentioned it would be difficult from jail. We also talked about the several page DHS Discipline Policy. Two that surprised me are that we cannot put my daughter in a shame shirt like this dad did. It falls under the rule in our handbook about not doing anything to a child in DHS custody that would shame or embarrass the kids. Also, we can’t make them run laps. Because physical activity is a horrible idea? I am sure someone a long time ago made their toddler do 25 around the field and that is why its in here now but it should be more like ‘Don’t make your toddler run 25 laps’ or ‘Don’t be insane’. So no laps and no funny shirts. Got it. However, I just may have found something that won’t embarrass them because they don’t ever have to leave the house in it. BAM! My kids are gonna get along!

we will get along shirtThen we had to make a list of our to-do’s for the week. While everyone else groaned, I was happy to because I love a good list. Then I read Husbando’s list and LOL’ed. Didn’t I mention that he had been all kinds of busy at work? Well when we went home he actually worked on his list. I did not. I watch SVU and scrapbooked while he did who-knows-what on his laptop. Oh and go OU softball because they won! I know because I watched parts and totally spoiled it for Husbando when he met me in bed around 11. I assumed he had had it on in the living room while working. I was wrong. But we won so yea! Yeah, that didn’t work on him either…

IMG_1648  IMG_1649


The ‘building blocks to trust’ exercise. Really riveting stuff here y’all.


Did I mention our senior citizen teacher says some pretty funny stuff on accident?

Do not be fooled. The below car is not occupied. That is really their parking. Further, they have two car seats in it and I’m now officially worried about those kids.


So there you go. We’ only have three more. Which translates to you only have three more blogs to read about this subject. Let’s all take a quick fist pump for that one. IMG_1645


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