Back to School Part 5- I’M TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE!


Trauma, trauma, trauma again for class five. I know we need to cover it thoroughly but since we spent about seven minutes on the importance of sibling bond, I was surprised to see two full nights for it. In fact, after reading ahead I saw we touch on it again tonight too when we discuss discipline.


Plus, we had an ‘observer’ lady in the room that was really keeping Husbando and I from doing what we usually do which is watch sports on his iPad and read OK! magazine. See her back there? Man I’m getting good at sneaky pics. Anyway, you could tell from the teachers that she was there to observe them so we weren’t too worried.


Harry Potter quotes. Don’t get me started.



See that studmuffin up there participating the hell out of group time? That would be Husbando. Like his jeans? I picked them out. Anyway, I got nominated as recorder for my group again and he got nominated as reporter for his. I’ll write on a piece of paper any day but I do NOT want to talk to these people. So at least we’re not complete deadbeats. 


Want to know something funny? Husbando and I keep a tally of the number of personal questions that slow us down. The following pic was taken about halfway through class. The final count was 22. Twenty two times someone though we all wanted to hear about their husband’s aunt’s hairdresser’s kid and how he/she should or shouldn’t be treated. I assure you, we do not want to hear all these instances. That is what break time is for. Or a caseworker. Or your cat. Ask them. So that was class five. After tonight we jump to 2/3 finished. Can’t wait!!



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