Back to Reality


Please take a moment to enjoy this awesomely bad music video. My favorite part is the violinists that are obviously not playing. Guess they blew their budget on all those dreads and couldn’t spring for  real musicians.

We’re back to reality after one awesome weekend and it is painful. Like literally. I could barely make it up the stairs at work because I was so sore thanks to all the bike-riding, climbing in and out of the water, playing with Luna and just being on my feet for four days. This year we also celebrated our birthdays while we were all together. I asked for a pink bicycle forgetting I’m not in fifth grade anymore and so I just jumped on and hauled my wide load up the Pike’s Peak they call a driveway. I luckily made it to the top without dying but after a few more of those climbs my legs have now turned to Jell-O. When we got home I rode around the neighborhood and we didn’t know how smart we were when we picked one on a flat street. So here is our weekend recap in Instagram fashion.

IMG_1510If someone asked me my favorite birthday dessert, it would be white cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles. No homemade jobs either, I want the Wal*Mart lard frosting. YOLO. If someone wanted to give me the best gift ever, they would gift me their frosting so that I could have double. Thank you Brother-in-Law.

IMG_1515Husbando snapped this pic as I drove by him so I am pretty impressed it turned out. Bro-in-Law (not to be confused with the Brother-in-law) mounted his GoPro camera on the bike so I could get a bitchin’ video of my drive around the cul-de-sac. It was pretty boring until I almost crashed into that blue car, drove off in the ditch and shouted an expletive. We will all just pretend that was intentional for my video.

IMG_1521This is dinner Saturday night. Pretty good lookin’ bunch, right?!

IMG_1524What a perfect end to a lake day. Also, have you seen the new JUMBO marshmallows? They are perfect s’more size. Go buy you some. 

IMG_1526Every morning at the lake I get to do this.

IMG_1532Mr. Flora and I had a competition on who could make the prettiest Instagram pic of breakfast. I totally won. Also, to go Trader Joe’s and buy some Cookie Butter. It will change your life.

IMG_1536This is Luna. Bro-in-Law trained her to be the best dog in the world. We spend serious quality time together playing with this frisbee. We also spent quality time curled up on the couch trying to catch up on The Chew. So there you have it, one awesome Memorial Day weekend at the lake. Fabulous start to the summer : )


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