Back to School Part 3 (Alternate Title: Was I Drooling?)



Night three was a real ‘No Duh’ kind of lesson. Kids are coming from their own type of culture and you should be sensitive to that. Also, sibling bond is important. Wow, I’m glad you told me that. I’ll spare you all the details but it came as no surprise I was less than riveted with this information. Plus, the tardy pupil next to me came in with a Subway footlong that somehow had enough crunchy things on it that I couldn’t even hear people talking in the front two rows. She also felt the need to comment on all the  new students in the class. Listen, I know that is a cute gay couple, you know that is a cute gay couple and I’m pretty sure they know they are too so lets not ‘whisper’ that to me. On a positive note, the amount of yellow name tags, like our own, is growing. Yellow means adoption and I’m glad we’re no longer the lone rangers.


The activity was to draw a small pic of what you think of when she said a word/phrase. For example, ‘Christmas’ yielded the tree and ‘Birthday’ equalled the cake. My answer for ‘I like being my gender because…’ was the girl’s long hair. Husbando, however, decided bo be funny and draw that dot with the X through it. Anyone wanna know why Husbando likes being a boy? NO PERIOD! What a smart, smart man. That means so much to me that he realizes it freaking sucks. Love him! Obviously not for his ability to draw Texas but because he is a sympathetic man who I hope becomes a sympathetic dad.


Which brings me to the next exercise. We were supposed to fill out this form to let kids know some things about us. I’ve made an entire book to give them but ok, I’ll play along.  When asked ‘Besides being a Bridge resource parent, other jobs you have include:’ Husbando answered ‘being cool people’. He also thought my bedtimes were completely unreasonable. Apparently no matter what age a child is they must be in bed at 8. Good luck babe, we won’t even get home until that time most nights! Our rules about music are If you illegally download it, be sure to share with the whole family ‘No Bieber or Ke$ha’. Seems fair enough.


So we are another day closer. Tomorrow we will both be so anxious to get on the road afterward, we’ll probably be sweating. It is going to make for a very long night but we are both SO, SO, SO ready for a fun weekend. Work is stressful, weeknights are full of boring class, I’m behind on laundry and I NEED TO BE IN SOME DIRTY LAKE WATER STAT! We are celebrating Mother’s Day, Husbando’s birthday and my birthday all Friday. Plus we are having extra awesome guests this weekend and I have been missing them!





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