Back to School Part 1- Snoozefest



With all the graduations going on it feels wrong to be going back to school. Its just not right! Who am I kidding, its just that I hate school. Never liked it. That is why I went to college right after high school when some of my friends were going abroad or taking a year off to work. I needed it DONE. I pressed through and finished as fast as I could. Now Husbando and I have to go back so that we can move forward in the adoption process. At least there is a chance that this information will interest and stick with me. Can’t say the same about trigonometry. Will update after our first class…

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Update: First Class has come and gone. Its only 9 classes but I kid you not, I should be out buying Lisa Frank school supplies to ease my anxiety. I was 5 minutes late to work yesterday morning because I could not decide what  to wear. I picked out Jer’s outfit the night before. He was resistant but in the end we found something that made him look cool but responsible enough to own children. Boy did I waste my time! We are obviously more than qualified. Now don’t freak out, I’m not saying everyone there was a scuzbucket, I’m just saying we put a lot more effort into what we are going to wear than most that rolled out of the bed to attend. I know that says nothing about their parenting skills but I was a little surprised. Maybe since 90% of the class already has a child living with them they aren’t exactly dressing to impress.

That brings me to the next interesting point. You are given a nametag for your spot and what color you’re given shows you’re either fostering, adopting or kinship fostering/adopting. Seems as though everyone in our class is a kinship situation (they know or are related to the child they are trying to take care of). Out of 40-ish people there are only two other couples with yellow tents like ours and one couple has blue for fostering. Everyone else is lime green. I forgot you have to take this class even if you want to adopt a step-child.

Ok, fast forward to right before I left work yesterday. I jinxed myself by telling BFFF that I HATE the first day of class when they make you go in a circle and introduce yourself. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD IS. So naturally when I walked in, I saw this sign and laughed. NEVER say God doesn’t have a very good sense of humor because He does. Score one for the Big Guy.


So bored we resorted to selfies : )


After wasting 45 minutes learning everyone’s favorite path to obesity and another 10 hearing where the bathrooms are, we finally watched a 2 minute video cut straight from the 2 hour DVD video we were mailed months ago to watch. We were the only ones who acted like we had seen it. Are these people being serious?  Why did we have to do homework if no one else did? Anyway, we then got to break into small groups or 2 or 3 and discuss how it made us feel. Seriously? If you have a heart in your chest it made you feel sad so can we skip to the part where we get to go home? Needless to say its going to be a long 9 sessions trying to stay awake and pretend to learn anything. The teachers are doing their best with what they’ve been told to teach but they need a serious revamp of the material. Maybe I should volunteer my services. Better luck tomorrow I guess…

P.S. See why I hated school? I’m a horrible student :/


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