I’m Going To The Pokey!



We have been sitting pretty stagnant for the last several weeks and because I’ve been busy I haven’t even noticed that our progress on this adoption had come to a halt. That was until THIS arrived last week. We got our fingerprint cards and class training schedule! I cannot WAIT for the day when I get to go down to the Sheriff’s Office and get our fingerprint cards done. I wish you could bring friends because Hef and I would take a fiend trip and take that Sheriff’s Department by storm! I could potentially see real criminals. This is as close to Lock Up Raw as I am ever going to get!

I got to looking at this Adam Walsh Bill and mostly its a sex offender registry act so they’re really just making sure we’ve never been registered an offender. All States require a criminal record check as part of the background investigation that is conducted when an individual applies for licensure as a foster parent. Requirements for the types of background checks and the individuals who are subject to the checks vary by states.

As of August 2011:

• State or local criminal record checks of a foster parent applicant are required in Oklahoma.

• Federal criminal record checks also are required.

• In addition to name-based checks, fingerprinting is required as part of a criminal record check.

• Child abuse and neglect record checks are required.

• Checks of State sex offender registries are required.

• Criminal record checks are required for all adult members of prospective foster parents’ households in Oklahoma.

• Criminal record checks are required for all adults and older children in prospective foster parents’.

• Criminal record checks are required for all members of prospective foster parents’ households regardless of age.

So that form we filled out allowing them to check everything in our lives meant they were going to run our names and fingerprints through no less than 174 databases. Not that we have anything to hide but with Husbando’s common name I’m hoping for a continual quick process and not having to put the brakes on and prove he isn’t a bad guy. Anyway, you better believe there will be pics to come soon when we get all inked up.


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