Weeks in Review


Been busy and haven’t blogged so here is a recap of the last few weeks:

IMG_0987We’ve gone out of town two weekends in a row to assist in the moving of Nannykins and Papakins from their house they’ve lived in over 55 years into a two bedroom “mansion”. But don’t worry, I’m the mayor.

IMG_0993Then, Domino’s bombed on this pizza. It was supposed to be a. Round, 2. 1/2 Hawaiian and 1/2 Chicken, and D. Delicious. It was none of the above.

IMG_1102We took Stellie home one day last week and being the awesome babysitters we are, she played with fishing bobbers. At least we’re teaching her to hold things with both hands!

IMG_1132One of the college students put this on the napkin dispenser. Do they mean they will throw away the napkins or the dispenser? Either way I LOL’ed.

IMG_1135Went to Sam’s Club and almost lost my mind when I saw these. Totally worth my membership fee.

DSC_0224Then we went to a dinner theatre…

DSC_0239and ate Bananas Foster made by Schnookie. Who knew he could cook?

IMG_1278I purchased some killer accessories for the NKOTB, 98*, and BoyzIIMen concert I will be attending soon.

DSC_0277I held a kick-hiney fundraiser where we were ninjas. I don’t make this stuff up.

DSC_0407At the fundraiser I worked on my Aunt Of The Year status with standing in boxes and…


IMG_1182I came home to a wonderful surprise dinner complete with homemade adult beverages and flowers. Haven’t found what he broke while I was gone but I will.

IMG_1219Then we went to see this one do…


DSC_0363The concert was followed by going to see this one do this.

Been pretty busy but its just that time of year!


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