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Back to School Part 5- I’M TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE!


Trauma, trauma, trauma again for class five. I know we need to cover it thoroughly but since we spent about seven minutes on the importance of sibling bond, I was surprised to see two full nights for it. In fact, after reading ahead I saw we touch on it again tonight too when we discuss discipline.


Plus, we had an ‘observer’ lady in the room that was really keeping Husbando and I from doing what we usually do which is watch sports on his iPad and read OK! magazine. See her back there? Man I’m getting good at sneaky pics. Anyway, you could tell from the teachers that she was there to observe them so we weren’t too worried.


Harry Potter quotes. Don’t get me started.



See that studmuffin up there participating the hell out of group time? That would be Husbando. Like his jeans? I picked them out. Anyway, I got nominated as recorder for my group again and he got nominated as reporter for his. I’ll write on a piece of paper any day but I do NOT want to talk to these people. So at least we’re not complete deadbeats. 


Want to know something funny? Husbando and I keep a tally of the number of personal questions that slow us down. The following pic was taken about halfway through class. The final count was 22. Twenty two times someone though we all wanted to hear about their husband’s aunt’s hairdresser’s kid and how he/she should or shouldn’t be treated. I assure you, we do not want to hear all these instances. That is what break time is for. Or a caseworker. Or your cat. Ask them. So that was class five. After tonight we jump to 2/3 finished. Can’t wait!!



Back to Reality


Please take a moment to enjoy this awesomely bad music video. My favorite part is the violinists that are obviously not playing. Guess they blew their budget on all those dreads and couldn’t spring for  real musicians.

We’re back to reality after one awesome weekend and it is painful. Like literally. I could barely make it up the stairs at work because I was so sore thanks to all the bike-riding, climbing in and out of the water, playing with Luna and just being on my feet for four days. This year we also celebrated our birthdays while we were all together. I asked for a pink bicycle forgetting I’m not in fifth grade anymore and so I just jumped on and hauled my wide load up the Pike’s Peak they call a driveway. I luckily made it to the top without dying but after a few more of those climbs my legs have now turned to Jell-O. When we got home I rode around the neighborhood and we didn’t know how smart we were when we picked one on a flat street. So here is our weekend recap in Instagram fashion.

IMG_1510If someone asked me my favorite birthday dessert, it would be white cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles. No homemade jobs either, I want the Wal*Mart lard frosting. YOLO. If someone wanted to give me the best gift ever, they would gift me their frosting so that I could have double. Thank you Brother-in-Law.

IMG_1515Husbando snapped this pic as I drove by him so I am pretty impressed it turned out. Bro-in-Law (not to be confused with the Brother-in-law) mounted his GoPro camera on the bike so I could get a bitchin’ video of my drive around the cul-de-sac. It was pretty boring until I almost crashed into that blue car, drove off in the ditch and shouted an expletive. We will all just pretend that was intentional for my video.

IMG_1521This is dinner Saturday night. Pretty good lookin’ bunch, right?!

IMG_1524What a perfect end to a lake day. Also, have you seen the new JUMBO marshmallows? They are perfect s’more size. Go buy you some. 

IMG_1526Every morning at the lake I get to do this.

IMG_1532Mr. Flora and I had a competition on who could make the prettiest Instagram pic of breakfast. I totally won. Also, to go Trader Joe’s and buy some Cookie Butter. It will change your life.

IMG_1536This is Luna. Bro-in-Law trained her to be the best dog in the world. We spend serious quality time together playing with this frisbee. We also spent quality time curled up on the couch trying to catch up on The Chew. So there you have it, one awesome Memorial Day weekend at the lake. Fabulous start to the summer : )

Go Home Groupon, You Drunk!


 I can coupon with the best but I have my limits. I was scouting Groupon the other day and found you can now buy things such as tampons and pregnancy tests at a discounted rate. Seriously?! If you need a discount pregnancy test, go to Dollar Tree for goodness sake. But if you need a discount pregnancy test should you be buying anything online? Should you have a computer? I can’t deal.

I’ve been a Groupon girl from the beginning and have eaten at least a meal a week using a half off voucher but this is over my comfort level. I admit I use it for massages, bed and breakfast stays and even new sheets but I am uninterested in discount feminine hygiene products from your site. Or cheap shampoo. Or yeast infection medication. You just keep that and spend your efforts finding me some more half priced dinners and $20 massages.  Thanks.

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 1.19.02 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.52.10 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 8.43.52 AM


Husbando, Boat Driver


Anyone want to know what my favorite part of riding in the boat? It’s riding with this guy. Husbando is (usually) a very good boat driver. Even though I’m the spotter for the people he is pulling, I often find myself staring at him. Listen, they have on life jackets, they’ll be fine! I can’t help that the windblown/sunscreened/sunglasses look is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Please enjoy.







The Lake

We are fortunate. Allow me to start a list about why:DSCN7843
  1. We grew up in states with lakes.
  2. We have parents who liked to go to lakes.
  3. We learned how to enjoy lakes by swimming, skiing and other water sports.
  4. We now both have parents with lake houses.
  5. We live within driving distance of said lake houses.
  6. We have friends who like to go to lakes.
  7. We love lakes.

So there is the list. Redundant? I think not. I really do LOVE going to the lake. It can be a very relaxing and quiet trip or it can be as fun-filled and fast-paced as you want. You can wakeboard until your hands are blistered or you can sunbathe on the dock while reading an entire book. Need a drink? Grab a cold beverage from the cooler and keep on keepin’ on. Need to pee? Jump on in. The decision is yours! This weekend is a four-day weekend for us (thank you Employee Appreciation Week complete with a day off) and we are so excited to chillax. This is a very busy time of year for us since we are switching from one semester to the next and Husbando espescially could use some relax time. I’m going to try to keep his iPhone, iPad, and Macbook far away from him this weekend. Did I mention we’re a Mac family? Too bad we don’t have Sprint because there is no reception at this lake for those users.

Here are some of my favorite lake pictures.

 DSC_0648DSC_1060 DSCN1836 DSCN1718 DSCN9851 DSCN7927DSC_0712 DSC_0061 DSC_0982 DSC_1114 DSC_0458DSC_0677

Back to School Part 4- Chomping at the Bit



Fake it ’till you make it, right? Well we tried. We were chomping at the bit to get out of class so we could hit the road.

IMG_1484Working hard… on downloading new magazines.

IMG_1487I think if you pass the pre-test then you shouldn’t have to stay for class. Seems logical.

IMG_1488We did get to break into groups and make a list of how kids develop at each age group. My group did 6-9. I was the recorder (one who could spell) so look at me participating the heck out of myself.

IMG_1491Jer watched soccer most of the time but had this below epiphany. The question was about preventing childhood trauma.Genius.


IMG_1494Almost halfway there.



Back to School Part 3 (Alternate Title: Was I Drooling?)



Night three was a real ‘No Duh’ kind of lesson. Kids are coming from their own type of culture and you should be sensitive to that. Also, sibling bond is important. Wow, I’m glad you told me that. I’ll spare you all the details but it came as no surprise I was less than riveted with this information. Plus, the tardy pupil next to me came in with a Subway footlong that somehow had enough crunchy things on it that I couldn’t even hear people talking in the front two rows. She also felt the need to comment on all the  new students in the class. Listen, I know that is a cute gay couple, you know that is a cute gay couple and I’m pretty sure they know they are too so lets not ‘whisper’ that to me. On a positive note, the amount of yellow name tags, like our own, is growing. Yellow means adoption and I’m glad we’re no longer the lone rangers.


The activity was to draw a small pic of what you think of when she said a word/phrase. For example, ‘Christmas’ yielded the tree and ‘Birthday’ equalled the cake. My answer for ‘I like being my gender because…’ was the girl’s long hair. Husbando, however, decided bo be funny and draw that dot with the X through it. Anyone wanna know why Husbando likes being a boy? NO PERIOD! What a smart, smart man. That means so much to me that he realizes it freaking sucks. Love him! Obviously not for his ability to draw Texas but because he is a sympathetic man who I hope becomes a sympathetic dad.


Which brings me to the next exercise. We were supposed to fill out this form to let kids know some things about us. I’ve made an entire book to give them but ok, I’ll play along.  When asked ‘Besides being a Bridge resource parent, other jobs you have include:’ Husbando answered ‘being cool people’. He also thought my bedtimes were completely unreasonable. Apparently no matter what age a child is they must be in bed at 8. Good luck babe, we won’t even get home until that time most nights! Our rules about music are If you illegally download it, be sure to share with the whole family ‘No Bieber or Ke$ha’. Seems fair enough.


So we are another day closer. Tomorrow we will both be so anxious to get on the road afterward, we’ll probably be sweating. It is going to make for a very long night but we are both SO, SO, SO ready for a fun weekend. Work is stressful, weeknights are full of boring class, I’m behind on laundry and I NEED TO BE IN SOME DIRTY LAKE WATER STAT! We are celebrating Mother’s Day, Husbando’s birthday and my birthday all Friday. Plus we are having extra awesome guests this weekend and I have been missing them!