Husbando and I took Nephy-Niece to the zoo Saturday for a birthday party. As Schnookie put it, “…he isn’t too proud to be your child by proxy as long as cake is involved”. So we loaded him up for a day of adventure:


Gonna be the best day of our life!!

He was SO happy the whole day and a trooper even when I was spraying sunscreen in his eyes gently protecting him from the sun’s harmful rays. We went to Braum’s for lunch where he got to play in the ketchup have a nutritious lunch of chicken and fries. We strolled the zoo, went to the party, saw a real tortoise and had TWO pieces of cake, an entire cup of ice cream and a cup full of pink lemonade learned all about animals. By the time the party was over he was amped on sugar knowledge he was bouncing off the walls. Half way home he had mellowed out and was in a sugar coma enjoying all his party favors quietly. I can’t wait to get to take him again when he may actually care about the animals. Big thank you to the Cantu family for inviting us to Eli’s birthday! We all had a lot of fun!!

Coma Baby

Coma Baby


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