Apparently We Aren’t Special


“Adoptive parents are not “special” although they may appear so in adoption agency advertisements, where they are presenting themselves so they look “special” so that you will choose them. Remember, adoptive parents, like other people, may divorce, lose their jobs, have health problems, abuse alcohol and drugs.”

Well isn’t that a kick in the pants. Nothing like being insulted first thing in the morning. Thank you Lorraine and Jane for clearing that up for me. I mean I know we aren’t adopting an infant from an agency but I’m still irritated with this. Adoptive parents are not special? *Lips pressing together* Uh oh, I think we all know where this is going. *Kneading hands* I’m going to get fiesty, aren’t I? *Sigh* Yup… here it comes.



Rules For Adoption Blog Fight Club

  • Do not put quotes around special.
  • Do NOT put quotes around special! There are plenty of legitimately special people that are looking to adopt and don’t you act like you know that they aren’t. I think everyone who participates in an adoption exchange is pretty special. Anyone willing to take another person’s child in as their own and any woman who decides to give a child a new/better home is special. The baby is special, the attorney is special, EVERYONE is special in their own way.
  • Stop acting like we’re all on the same level. WHAT?! WE AREN’T ALL THE SAME? OH NO I’M GONNA DIE! If I was in the situation that I got to choose the person who would take over parenting for me (and I can in my own will) you better believe I would want them to be as cool as me. Or even cooler if I could find it. Hard to believe but it could happen. I’m not saying everyone should find cooler parents to raise their child just b/c someone will always be cooler than you (Adele could use a few more kids) but why tell pregnant women that adoptive parents can’t be better? Maybe we aren’t.  Maybe we are. And maybe they know it. And maybe it will be difficult but she will make the decision to give that baby a better life. Maybe birth mother is the best option but she is not the only option.
  • If you want to fight, fight fair. I agree that there may be adoption agencies out there overly-glorifying adoption but two wrongs don’t make a right so don’t under-glorify it either. It can be the best thing for everyone involved when everyone is on the same page.

Well there you have it. My rant o’ the week. Summed up with this:

I think adoptive parents are pretty special.




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