Confessions, cont.


I have an unhealthy obsession with hair accessories. I wear a flower/headband/bow almost every day. Recently my obsession came into a new light when I found at least a half dozen pics on my phone that included me making others share my obsession. Here are their stories:


Poor Stellie is often a subject of my obsession.

Raden Ponytail

Nephy-Niece had enough hair for a ponytail before they gave him his first haircut.


Oh Stellie…


This is Jaxon. With him I went minimal with just swoopy bangs.

Raden Bow

Post-haircut Nephy-Niece still has enough for a pretty big bow.


Lumps is a trooper.

Also, I’ve been practicing my french braids and ‘rows.


Regan’s turned out perfect…


Like I said, Lumps is a trooper.

Then finally, I thought I’d share this pic of my wide load picture of my new hair cut and color. Yup, thats purple ; )



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