A Breath Of Fresh Air


With so many nasty birthmother blogs out there I thought it would be nice to share something wonderful my friend found for me. This woman is such an inspiration and I love her for speaking so openly about her experience. She had such a wonderful outlook on the process and I wish more birthmothers could feel the same way about their choice. God is in control of the situation and she acknowledges that beautifully.

Best 10 minutes of my week.


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  1. perhaps the reason that more birth mothers are not so happy about their choice, despite your wishes, is that losing your own flesh and blood is unnatural, traumatic, and virtually impossible to move past.

    • First, I’d like you to know I really had to think hard before approving this comment. On one hand you prove my point perfectly because you seem to be unhappy with my post without even knowing what blogs I’m talking about, just that I’m a potential adoptive parent. On the other hand, I don’t disagree with anything you said about the difficulty birth mothers face. So to clarify… in the blogs I am talking about, my irritation is with adoptive parents being lashed out at. We did NOTHING to put a birth mother in the situation they are in. I am sure women who give their children up for adoption (or in our case have had their parental rights severed), are often angry. Angry at a lot. But they need to be mad at the right person even if it is themselves. The video is a wonderful example of someone using God’s grace to find peace in her decision. I like it and its wonderful.

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