Confessions: A Series


For the record, I’m not looking to become some super-blogger that quits her day job to sit at home stuck to her computer.  However, if it paid better money than I make now, I’d be all over the quits-her-day-job part and would find some funny hobo to write my blogs for me while I spent my days cruising Hobby Lobby and laying around like a beached beluga whale at our local water park.

Even though I don’t want to be some blog guru, I read up on how to not suck at this. Besides the suggestions my blog host sends me, I cruise articles occasionally. They all seem to say successful writers are relatable. Interesting. Lets put the theory to a test. My two favorite blog ladies are The Bloggess and Oh Noa. Why is their stuff so dang funny? They have weird conversations with their husbands, I have weird conversations with my husband. They love Texas, I love Texas. The Bloggess collects taxidermy, I have never lived in a house without dead animals on the wall. So basically we are identical triplets.

Ok, fine. I am starting a new series of posts to make myself more relatable. I’m going to let you into my innermost secrets. Yeah, right. More like I’m going to give you small pieces of random information so that you may or (most likely) may not relate. Today we will be talking about snacks. What kind of snack? Fruit. What fruit? CUTIES! Almost every day I have one for a snack and I take a picture of my Cuties to put on my Facebook. Listen, life is not too exciting these days since I hit 30 and I don’t have anything else to mobile upload! As you can imagine, my Facebook friends number has dropped. Oh well!

Examples include:



The Still Stuck Together Cutie



Pile O’ Cutie



Cutie Stars



Happy Cutie



Cutie Circle



Chorus Line Cuties



Tic Tac Totally Cuties



Stacked Cuties


And finally, Choir Cuties

I promise in the next few weeks the blogs will go back to more about adoption but at the moment we are at a plateau in our process. Our training class doesn’t start until the middle of May so we aren’t doing anything until then. If you have a suggestion or opinion on anything I should write/confess about, please leave it in the comments and it just may be a future True Confession post : )


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