Boots With The Fur Update



Blogosphere, meet Stella. Have you ever in your life seen something so cute? She is working those boots with the furrrr (the furrr). The whole club is lookin’ at herrrrr! She hit the floor, next thing you know… woah, woah, WOAH! Sorry, couldn’t help it. But seriously, cutest baby footwear of ma life. Her mother sent me this pic the day Stella wore them to “school”. She never keeps her shoes and socks on her feet the whole day (or even until lunch) but she can at least arrive a fashionista. The expression on her face doesn’t exactly scream “I love my boots” but I’ll settle for “What are y’all lookin’ at”.

Last week Stella’s mommy accepted our invitation to pick her up from school and bring her home one night. The daycare is super close to our work and I just knew she could use the break. Plus, Husbando would love the opportunity to drive around with two fly chicks in his car. So the morning of the pickup came and my friend who has shown me no less than 3,450 photos of her child on any given week, sent me this:


I KNOW she was just being a good mommy and is making sure I didn’t pick out the one that came with the cutest hair accessory but I laughed and laughed at the thought of someone thinking I may pick up the wrong baby. Does this text say something about me? 


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  1. Awww, the Mommy in question sure appreciated the Smith Childcare/Taxi Service! As well as the pictured outfit AND boots–both provided by Carynn! Stella loves ’em! 🙂 (And glad you picked out the right baby!)

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