It Is Inevitable



This meme makes me LOL hard. Ever heard the saying ‘its only funny cause its true’? Well now that we’re in this adoption thing, this is even funnier. I have prepared myself (thanks to many, many Lifetime movies as a teenager) for the inevitable yelling match between a tween and myself that will end with the above exchange. I have previously shared with you my favorite adoption funny that I am sure I will try hard to use in real life but its not exactly realistic. Being shouted at through a recently-slammed door that I’m not their real mom is much moreĀ plausible. The difference in adopting a sibling group and a newborn is endless but one thing it means is that we probably won’t have kids that only remember Husbando and I as their parents. They could remember several sets of foster parents, their birthparents, crazy Uncle Jimmy, anyone. They probably won’t have to rely on us showing them pictures to know who or where they came from. When you adopt a baby you can choose to never tell them they are adopted but we aren’t going to have that option (not that I think that is ever a good idea). One thing that gives me hope is that the children will hopefully slowly forget any negative things about before they met us. Not that I want them to erase everything pre-adoption but that we will build so many happy memories that it will push any bad out. I know its a big hope but I’m willing to try. I’m off to search adoption memes…


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  1. My three year old, has used that on us, and he’s not even sure what it means to be “adopted” yet, no real memory of another mom or dad. It hurts to hear it, and he doesn’t even know why. When he does understand, I assume he’ll stop…then, he’ll turn fourteen and pull it out again, this time with meaning.

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