Adoption is the New Pregnant



I love this shirt. I think it is cute and funny. I think it is something I would totally wear to my adoption training class or something else adoption-y. I saw it on a blog somewhere a while back and stole the pic so I wouldn’t forget it. When I asked my friend Mr. Google where I could purchase it he thought it was important I read this. Caution, these people are angry! And not in a Need-A-Snickers kind of way but in a I-Will-CUT-You kind of way. There are a few arguing her point but there are several very mad people throwing a fit about this shirt. They actually think this shirt is offensive. Like its rude to people who are pregnant? Hold the phone. When we say pink is the new black, we know pink is not actually black. Just like I know adoption is not actually pregnant. Its better. Haha, just kidding! Kinda : )

But seriously, why does this offend you? Is it because you had your child taken from you when you left him alone for three days in a crack house? Is it because you remember being 15 and pregnant and then giving your child to an adoption agency for a large sum of money and you’re feeling guilty? Is it because you’re angry that the superiority complex you have over infertile women is being challenged?

Uh oh, I feel a soapbox forming under my feet. My face is flushing. I better calm down a second.

Ok, I’m back. I shared this pic with a few friends around the office and they all thought it was funny. I showed it to an adoptive mother and she thought it was great. She also loved the term ‘Paper Pregnant’ that those same blog people were freaking out about. What is the problem here? There are so many things that being pregnant comes with that adoption doesn’t. Strangers being excited for you and asking questions in the Wal*Mart checkout line, cute maternity clothes, baby showers (although adoption showers are catching on) and a big one… breastfeeding. No growing baby bump pictures, no special parking spots, no one giving up their place in line so you can get off your feet sooner. So women are getting angry because us adoptive moms make a t-shirt supporting our process? Classy ladies. Real classy.


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