Does this look like I have time for classes?!

I am sure this setback is just one of many but we were so excited to start our training class tomorrow for DHS. You have to go to 9 three-hour classes (27 hours total) before your application is considered complete. On the website where the schedule is posted, it doesn’t have any times so we assumed the once a week class on Wednesdays would be Wednesday evenings. Well our confirmation we got this morning said 9am-12pm. Wait. What?! Who can go on Wednesday mornings for nine weeks?! Not us : (

The options offered are once a week (during the mornings apparently) for nine weeks, twice a week from 6-9pm for five weeks, every Saturday for five weeks or a fast-track weekend Thurs-Sat all day but only offered once a month. I pulled out my schedule and grew increasingly frustrated. My ScrapPink fundraiser in OKC I am hosting knocked us out of the every Saturday and fast-track weekend. Boo. Peeps, we are busy people and we are fully aware (but thanks for everyone who is telling us like we don’t know) our lives won’t be the same after we have kids. Duh. But why slow down now knowing we will have to give things up in the future? I say party until we have to change our plans! That being said, I wish we didn’t have this conflict but I was asked to do this months before we even knew we were going to start the adoption process and I don’t want to cancel. I do it every year and it is important to me. So ok, we work around it.

Obviously this happened for a reason and our kids are not going to be ready for us until we are ready for them. I called and switched it to the Tuesday/Thursday classes but they don’t start until May 14th so we won’t finish until mid-June. *sigh* Haven’t I mentioned how I do with patience? I think I have. Recap: I have little to none. So lets hope I gather some for the next few weeks. Also, if anyone wants to hang out and act crazy before I become a grownup, hit me up now.


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