They Called Our References!!


DISCLAIMER: I am so hyped up on cold meds that I can’t quit singing the Elephant Show song to Husbando. Its 11:55pm and he is snoring between verses. Rude. I also couldn’t stop typing so this post that I intended to leave at one paragraph turned into this novel. Sorry :/

Every job application I EVER filled out had me put references on it. I thought long and hard each time about who to choose, what they would say about how awesome I was and stupidly thought maybe one of them would be contacted. Never. Like… never, ever. Not one person I ever put on my very prestigious applications was ever called. Obviously that was because I was so very awesome in person, they didn’t care if I murdered anyone in my past.

Husbando and I thought long and hard about our six references for the adoption application. We needed six total and three were going to have to fill out a pretty intense worksheet (called a “letter” but really had questions with lines to answer- no fluff). Only one could be a relative. We went as far as asking other adoptive parents how they picked and who they thought we should pick. The advice kept coming back that it needed to be people close enough to know our daily life and also write a very articulate letter. Hmmm. Okay, we have some seriously awesome friends and some with seriously high levels of letter writing ability so surely we could come up with a good list. And we did. In fact, we had an overabundance of people offer and had to actually narrow the pool! Thank you again to everyone that offered! I, myself, would like to have all 38 letters to submit but sadly, there were only six spaces. We chose two people who knew us together the same amount of time, two who know me best and two who know Husbando very close. So references selected, addresses gathered, info submitted.

Home visit day comes and when reviewing the application with Phoebe, I ask when we designate what three references we want to be the letter writers. She says no need for that because DHS just calls them now. What?! Okay, when do I tell you what three we want for that? She says they call all six. WHAT?! This was not in the plan!  Call them if you want to ruin my perception of how this goes! I’ve already decided what stationary everyone will use and now you are taking that away from me?! Ugh.

Fast forward to Friday around 4:30pm when I am in my office getting ready for the weekend working my butt off. Reference #1 walks out of the restroom and into my office area, to show me the latest pics of her adorable baby  discuss very important work-related business. Mid-stride her phone vibrates and she answers it. “Hello?… Yes… Yes…*looks at me wide-eyed and mouths D-H-S then turns to go to her own office*… Uh huh… Yes…” I text Husbando as fast as my fingers will move and tell him they called. He does not immediately respond. Dang it! Reference #2 is off work so I text #3 and #4 to give them a heads up. Both reply and say no one has called yet. One of them is my ace in the hole! I helped keep her five kids alive and darn it, DHS needs to know they turned out mostly fine. Mostly. Husbando texts back and says that Reference #5 just called to say they interviewed her and it went well. Reference #1 is back to my desk to report and Reference #6 texted Mother-In-Love and let her know they called him too.

Okay, so in the event you kept reading through all that, thank you and I owe you a drink. The moral is that it was a frantic text-storm of curiosity trying to find out what they asked, how it went, etc. From everyone’s report, it went great. They told them we have a good support system, a good relationship and a good home for kids. Better than any stationary I could have picked I guess. Another step done and I am really getting to like this sigh of relief feeling 😀



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  1. I am so excited for you guys! I cannot wait to see the children you pick to become your family. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!!!

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