Hoarders Hoarders HOARDERS!



Every time Husbando is away (or I grab the remote fast enough), I watch a marathon of Hoarders. I am completely fascinated with the show, the people, the things they find, the reason they do it, the ridiculous way A&E keeps you coming back through commercials… everything. Why you ask? Because just like cruising WebMD, I just know I am one.

Examples include:


These people feel overwhelmed, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Mostly when I have two pairs of shoes on the floor in my closet.

These people lose hope, sometimes I lose hope. I have given up hope of ever finding the perfect way to organize my spice cabinet.

These people get lazy and give up, sometimes I get lazy and give up. I often put recyclable items into the trashcan on accident and am too lazy to dig through to get it out.

These people have a lot of clothes, I have a lot of clothes. I just tend to leave them on hangers, not on the floor covered in puppy poopoo.

I could watch this show for days straight if there were enough new episodes. If you haven’t watched it before, and you have a strong stomach, I suggest you sit through an episode or two. Each episode has at one or two people and their cleanup story complete with psychologist and clean-up team. Most of the time they are success stories by the second day and the house looks great at the end of the show. Rarely they are hopeless and won’t ever give anything up. There is always fighting, a therapy session or two, gag-worthy moments and hidden treasures. It is fascinating to say the least. I think one reason I like it so much is because it makes me feel like I have my life together at least better than the 3 million hoarders in the world. Small victories.


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