They Came, We Conquered


For all my three followers (I know… I’m up to three!!) I wanted to send an update from our DHS visit today. Just like everyone told me a million times, there was nothing to worry about. It took exactly an hour and I feel GREAT about where we go from here. We submitted all the paperwork and she said we should be approved to adopt in 60 days. SIXTY DAYS?!


Once we are approved, we are good to go at any time. First of many things I learned: The caseworkers of all Oklahoma meet in Norman once a month to review cases of all available children. If they think they have a good “Resource” (foster or adoptive parent/family) then they snag the child(ren)’s file and bring it back to us for a look-see. We have two weeks to review it and decide if they could be a good match for us. If so, we have a few play dates in public, then one full-day home visit and then one weekend visit. If we want to proceed after that the kids move in and we start our six month pre-adoption time period. After that six months, we go to court and they are ours forever! 

Another thing I learned is that all DHS children get free healthcare until 18 even after they are in a permanent home. Nice.

Next, if kids are adopted past a certain age (most likely 16) their college tuition is covered to state schools. Nice.

Lastly, I found out DHS pays for our adoption attorney fees. No out of pocket for that either!  Nice.

So after she talked us through the entire big process, it was time to look around the house. I knew Phoebe* wasn’t going to inspect my house with a white glove but I at least thought there would be a look in a closet. Or the garage. Or the backyard. Nope. Took less than 30 seconds to show her around. Which was awesome since I didn’t finish bleaching my grout but slightly disappointing that she didn’t notice my alphabetized canned goods. Oh well, maybe someone else will notice. 

So it was a great time and Phoebe could not have been more informative or helpful. She was very honest and I really think she set us up for a positive and realistic journey.  Thank you for all your prayers and kind words over the past few weeks. We really appreciate everyone who supports us!


*name has been changed to protect their privacy… or because I don’t remember it.


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  1. Just a FYI: I would have totally noticed your alphabetical canned goods and would find it refreshing. I like to keep other people’s stuff organized, just as Mel about her movies before she got married .

  2. Heya! I found your blog through Julie’s, and I just wanted to say what a great thing you’re doing (as if you didn’t already know) and congratulations. I’m adopted as well, and very excited for you and your future kid(s)! Anyway I’m sure you have heard, and will hear, that sentiment a million times, so I’ll just leave it at that. Go you!

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